The basics

·        Personality tests are not timed. Generally, a recommended time will be given in which to complete the test; however, you are not penalised if you haven’t finished within the time allowance and you will be able to complete the test.

·        Most personality tests have ‘honesty scales’ that measure the sincerity of your responses. You can read more about honesty scales and how to address this issue in the following sections of this course.

·        Most of the personality tests used to select applicants are based on the ‘Big-Five’ theory. According to this theory, work-related personality can be broken down into five key dimensions or factors. These evaluate your attitude towards stakeholders, your project/task management style, your behaviour style towards other people such as co-workers and managers, your ability to cope with stress and manage anger, and your level of creative thinking/acceptance of change.

·        To ensure that you are ready for the personality test, it is a good idea that you become familiar with the different traits of the ‘Big-Five’ theory. If you study these traits, you are likely to be able to determine which aspects of personality each question in the test measures. This will allow you to complete the test in a way that emphasises your relevant personality strengths.