What is a Mechanical Aptitude Test?

  • Mechanical aptitude tests measure your understanding of, or ability to learn about, mechanical concepts (how things work) and apply this knowledge to solve mechanical problems.

  • Mechanical aptitude tests are timed. This means that the test questions have to be completed within a set time limit. 

  • Typically, you can expect to be given around 45 seconds for each test question.

  • Each test question has a scenario and several answer options. Only one of the options is correct.

  • Test questions are designed to measure your knowledge of some widely known and understood mechanical and scientific concepts.

  • Often these tests use simple drawings to ask questions about practical, everyday situations.

  • Questions about gears, pulleys, and tools make up a large part of some tests.

  • Test questions are likely to focus on topics you learnt in school, but they may also ask about topics learnt in the workplace.

  • Mechanical aptitude tests usually ask only one or two questions about a topic, and cover many topics.