What to expect in your numerical test

There are several types of numerical test questions (we will deal with each in greater detail in the later modules):

Type 1 – Graphs and tables

Typically, you will be given a graph or table and asked four questions about the numerical information presented. For each question you will have four or five answer options, and you will be asked to select the correct answer from these. This form is popular with psychometric test providers like SHL, Saville Consulting, Acer and TalentQ.

Type 2 – Text containing numerical information

Some test providers (e.g. Onetest/Revelion, Acer, TestGrid) will give you a written text that includes some numerical information. You will be asked to calculate the correct answer and type the answer in an open text box, or select the correct answer from a list of answer options.

Type 3 – Number series

Some test providers (e.g. Onetest/Revelion) will give you a simple or Sudoku type of number series. You will be asked to identify the pattern and, based on the pattern, find a missing number.

Type 4 – Simple numerical calculations

You will be presented with a simple equation to solve, such as adding/subtracting two fractions, multiplying numbers, or calculating percentages.