The abstract reasoning test measures your ability to quickly integrate new information to help you solve problems. In this test, you will be given sets of shapes. The shapes in each set have some relationships. You are asked to identify the most suitable next shape in each set based on the identified relationships.

You have 6 minutes to complete 8 questions.

The speed of your Internet connection (dial-up or broadband) has NO effect on the timer.

Once you have answered a question, you will be able to go back to change your previous answer. Use only the Back button at the bottom of the test page to go back. Do not use the Back button on your browser as this may interfere with your test.

Work as quickly as you can while maintaining accuracy.

Good luck.

Please note: If you cannot see the "START TEST" button at the bottom of the page, press and hold the CTRL key and press the "minus" or hyphen key until the button appears.