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Preparation for Your Psychometric Test: Personality and Aptitude Tests

IPC Australia offers the following types of preparation services for your Psychometric test (Aptitude tests and Personality tests):   

Online psychometric courses - the do's and don'ts of aptitude tests and personality tests, useful test taking strategies, examples test questions and answers. 

Online practice aptitude and personality tests – the largest pool of practice aptitude and personality test questions. Time limits and test questions mimic a real test, offering immediate test reports including a list of all answers with detailed explanations.

Personal coaching – a one-on-one session with an experienced psychologists to help you improve your psychometric test score. Includes free access to all our practice psychometric tests.

To see a list of preparation services suitable for you, select your industry and job level (for the job you are applying for).



We are confident that our preparation solutions work. However, if you feel that our preparation did not help you in your test we will give you your money back.

What have you got to lose? Only the possibility of the job of your dreams…