Bond's medical program preparation (2021 Intake) - Psychometric tests & interview preparation by expert Psychometricians

Based on the changes in the selection process made in 2018, if you are applying to join the faculty for medicine at Bond University, you will be asked to complete, as part of your entrance exam, two screening phases after your academic scores have been analysed:

  • In your initial screening you will be asked to complete two psychometric tests – a Personality test and an Emotional Intelligence test
  • In your second screening phase (following successful completion of your initial screening phase), you will be asked to attend an interview day on campus which includes 4 stations.

In the last 2 years our success rate in preparing for Bond’s psychometric tests was 96% in 2019 and 95% in 2020.

How do we ensure that you pass your Psychometric tests and Interviews?

1. You will be tutored by Australian psychometric test experts.

2. Our expert trainers will work with you to improve your weaknesses so you can pass the psychometric tests with flying colours.

3.  We have tutored many applicants to the medical program for the past three years and have a success rate of 95%.and above in the last 2 years.

Bond university’s Medical program screening process:

  • Invitation to submit your application and scores
  • Then you will be invited via email to complete your Psychometric tests either on-campus (suprvised) or online (from home). Bond wants to try to get as many applicants to complete their tests on campus. Everyone will get 2 days (48 hours) to complete all tests.
  • Then, around 3 after the deadline to complete your psychometric tests, you will receive an electronic invitation to attend the interview day at the university campus.
  • Interviews are typically conducted a week after invites are sent.
  • Then, around a week after completing the interviews round, you will receive the final outcome and the invitation to attend the program.


Bond's Psychometric testing phase:

What type of psychometric tests you will need to take forBond's Medical Program?

Bond university’s medical program are using two types of psychometric tests to assess your suitability for their program:

1. A measurement of general personality focusing on assessing candidates’ ability to cope with stress and pressure, planning tasks, ability to work with others etc. This test is not timed and includes 185 forced choice test questions

2. A measurement of your emotional intelligence focusing on assessing candidates’ ability to identify emotions, facilitate thought, understanding emotions and managing emotions. This test includes 141 forced choice test questions.

1. Bond's personality test

The personality test includes more than 100 forced-choice test questions. This personality test is designed to assist Bond University to identify your suitability for the role of a Doctor. It includes factors such as coping with stress, empathy to others, ability to approach tasks in a planned manner, ability to work with others, how assertive you are and more.

Please review the following example of a personality test question:

I like to be a singer.

Is this:

  1. True
  2. ?
  3. False

This test question is a covert type of personality test question that measures your social confidence and ability to interact with others. 

The risk with taking the personality test is that you can easily get a personality profile that says that you are not suitable. It is improtant to ensure that you answer the personality test in the proper way to get a suitable profile score. 

2. Bond's Emotional Intelligence test

The Emotional Intelligence test includes over 100 forced-choice test questions. The Emotional Intelligence test measures your emotional reasoning based on several sections:

  1. Identify emotions in facial expressions.
  2. Identify emotions that will facilitate certain behaviours.
  3. Identify emotions based on behaviours.
  4. Identify how effective are certain actions in facilitating emotions.
  5. Identify emotions in abstract drawings and scenery images.
  6. Identify associations for emotions.
  7. Identify effective emotions.

The emotional intelligence test has a wide range of test questions styles which makes the test a fairly complicated one to answer.

Please review the following example of one style of test questions for the emotional intelligence test:

How much is each feeling below expressed in this picture?

Happy 1-5

Sad 1-5

Fear 1-5

Anger 1-5

Disgust 1-5

Here you need to analyse the content and colours of the image presented to identify the correct emotions and the intensity of each emotion on a scale of 1 to 5.

Now, let's review a very different style of test questions in the same emotional intelligence test:

How much is each feeling in the list below expressed by this face?

Happiness (1-5)

Sadness (1-5)

Fear (1-5)

Anger (1-5)

Disgust (1-5)

Here you need to analyse the facial expression to identify the correct emotion and the intensity of the emotion on a scale of 1 to 5.

These are only 2 examples out of a wide range of test questions styles in the emotional intelligence test.


Bond's interview  phase:

Bond's interview stations for Medical program

Typically 7 days after the deadline to complete your Psychometric tests you will receive an invite from Bond university to take part in their interview day. The interview day includes 4 stations:

The first station focuses on you and you will be asked several questions about you and the medical program.

The second station will be a role play type scenario in which you are asked to respond to an actor playing a role. How you respond and what type of emotions you demonstrate will determine how well you will succeed in this station.

The third and forth stations will have written scenarios in which you will be asked several questions (around 3-4 questions) about each scenario.


The Institute's preparation for Bond's Psychometric tests & Interviews:

The Institute’s psychometric test experts have prepared an effective preparation solution for these tests as part of our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. We have successfully run these tutoring sessions for many candidates in the past 3 years and achieved a very high rate of success. The tutoring sessions include:

1-on-1 Tutoring for your Psychoetric tests:

  • 1-on-1 tutoring sessions delivered by expert Psychometric test trainers. Sessions can be delivered either face to face (in Sydney and Melbourne) or via Skype live.
  • Your psychometric test tutor will provide you with everything you need to know about the Emotional Intelligence test and the Personality test including example test questions based on the real tests.
  • Prior to your coaching sessions you will be given special practical material and information about the personality test and emotional intelligence tests that Bond University will ask you to complete.
  • You will also be asked to complete a practice personality test and an emotional intelligence test to allow your tutor to identify your areas of strength and weakness. Then your tutor will work with you to improve on your weaknesses.
  • Please note: as Bond University is requiring candidates to complete 2 psychometric tests, we would highly recommend that you book at least 3 sessions of 2 hours (3 X 2 hours). 

1-on-1 Tutoring for your interview:

  • In theses 1-on-1 tutoring sessions delivered by psychometric test experts, your tutor will focus on providing you scenarios from previous years and work with you on how to best present yourself in each one.
  • Your tutor will also work with you on getting you the best techniques about how to answer interview questions and your body language.
  • For an effective preparation you would need to book at least 3 sessions of 2 hours (3 X 2 hours).


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