Medical Program at Bond University - Psychometric Test Preparation

Based on the change in the selection process done in 2018, if you are applying to join the faculty for medicine at Bond University, you will be asked to complete a variety of psychometric tests as part of your entrance exam in addition to your academic scores:

What type of psychometric tests are used by the Medical Program at Bond University to assess candidates for the Program?

  1. A measurement of general personality focusing on assessing candidates’ ability to cope with stress and pressure, planning tasks, ability to work with others etc. This test is not timed and includes 170 forced choice test questions
  2. A measurement of your emotional intelligence focusing on assessing candidates’ ability to identify emotions, facilitate thought, understanding emotions and managing emotions. This test includes 141 forced choice test questions.


How to prepare for Bond University Medical Program's 1st Psychometric Test – Personality Test

The personality test includes 170 forced-choice test questions. This personality test is designed to assist Bond University to identify your suitability for the role of a Doctor. It includes factors such as coping with stress, empathy to others, ability to approach tasks in a planned manner, ability to work with others, how assertive you are and more.

Please review the following example of a personality test question:

I find making friends a breeze.

Is this:

  1. True
  2. ?
  3. False

This test question measures your ability to socialise and interact with others.

How to prepare for Bond University Medical Program's 2nd Psychometric Test – Emotional Intelligence Test

The Emotional Intelligence test includes 141 forced-choice test questions. The Emotional Intelligence test measures your emotional reasoning based on several sections:

  1. Identify emotions in facial expressions
  2. Identify emotions that will facilitate certain behaviours
  3. Identify emotions based on behaviours
  4. Identify how effective are certain actions in facilitating emotions
  5. Identify emotions in abstract drawings and scenery images.
  6. Identify associations for emotions
  7. Identify effective emotions

Please review the following example of an emotional intelligence test question:

Joan felt stressed, and became a bit anxious when she thought about all the work she needed to do. When her manager brought her an additional project, she felt ____.  (Select the best choice.)
a) Overwhelmed

b) Depressed

c) Ashamed

d) Self-conscious

e) Jittery

The correct answer is overwhelmed. Joan felt stressed before her manager brought her more work. The additional work given to her when she already was feeling under stress only increased the feeling and made her overwhelmed.

How the Insitute will assist you to prepare for your psychometric test with the Medical Program at Bond University

The Institute’s psychologists and psychometricians have prepared several full preparation solutions for these tests as part of our 1 on 1 coachih sessions. They include:

  • One on one coaching sessions delivered by experienced psychologists and psychometricians. Sessions can be delivered either face to face or via video conferences such as Skype video).
  • Your psychometric test trainer will teavh you everything you need to know about the Emotional Intelligence test and the Personality test including example test questions.
  • Prior to your coaching sessions you will be given special practical material and information about the personality test and emotional intelligence tests that Bond University will ask you to complete.
  • You will also be asked to complete a practice personality test and an emotional intelligence test to allow your coach to identify your areas of strength and weakness

Please note: as Bond University is requiring candidates to complete 2 psychometric tests, we would highly recommend that you book at least 2 sessions of 2 hours (2 X 2 hours). Each 2 hours session will focus on a different pscyhometric test.

To book your coaching sessions for the Medical Program at Bond University

  • Please go to our home page.
  • Select 'Healthcare and Medical' as your classification 
  • Select 'Graduates' as your job level
  • Then click on GO
  • Check the coloumn with the heading '1-on-1 coaching sessions' for available dates and prices for 2 X 2 hours coaching sessions

Good luck