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  • Aptitude Tests

    An aptitude test is one of the most popular methods employers use to measure your work-related cognitive ability. Aptitude tests typicaly are abstract reasoning tests, verba reasoning tests and numerical reasoning tests. Each of these tests include specific test questions for each job and are always timed. It is important to practice for the type of aptitude test questions you will have in your real test. Key to these tests is how quickly you can finish answering the test. Aptitude test questions only have one correct answer and the test is designed so that only 5% of the population can answer all the questions in the given time frame. The aptitude test helps employers measure your intelligence; your ability to effectively solve problems; and your ability to think strategically and quickly draw accurate conclusions. Employers will look at your aptitude test results to determine your ability to handle work-related challenges

  • Psychometric Testing

    Psychometric testing is commonly used to assist employers when deciding whether candidates are suitable for specific roles. Psychometric testing is designed to find job-relevant information about you which an interview wouldn’t be able to do. Psychometric testing typically includes a combination of aptitude and personality tests online which measure your job-relevant cognitive abilities and personality. The combination of psychometric tests given to you depends on the requirements of the job you have applied for. Our extensive experience led us to conclude that candidates often underperform in their psychometric testing due to stress, pressure and the unfamiliarity of the situation. Therefore, preparation is important to ensure that you pass your psychometric testing with flying colours.

  • Personality Tests

    Personality tests are used by employers to assist them in gauging your personality and behavioural style as they relate to the job you have applied for. For example, personality tests will offer employers information about your ability to work under pressure, work with others, manage tasks and take personal responsibility. The type of personality test you will be given and the way your personality test results are interpreted depends on the context of the job you have applied for. Using our practice personality tests and personality test courses online, you can ensure that you demonstrate to your employers your full potential.

  • Practice Psychometric Test

    Most of the skills and knowledge required to successfully complete your psychometric test can be obtained by taking our practice psychometric test and hands-on psychometric test courses online. Practice psychometric tests have been proven to improve your actual psychometric test score. You should be careful to ensure that when you undertake a practice psychometric test, you do so in the same time and under the same conditions as you would take the normal test - this is the best way to ensure that you succeed. Your practice psychometric test should also be suitable for the job level for which you are applying. You will receive much-needed feedback with great explanations and recommendations based on your practice psychometric test results that will help improve your scores and ensure that you demonstrate your full potential in your real psychometric test.

  • Psychometric Testing Free and Aptitude Tests Free Examples

    The internet has many free psychometric testing examples, however, for these to be useful you must ensure that the free psychometric tests, free aptitude tests and free personality tests match the type of test questions, content and level of difficulty and complexity you will have in your real test. Psychometric tests and aptitude tests are tailored to industries and job levels. Therefore, taking just any free psychometric tests or free aptitude tests may derail your preparation. You also must ensure that the free psychometric tests or free aptitude tests offer detailed feedback on your performance as this is crucial to improving your performance. Check our free aptitude tests examples, free numerical test example, free verbal test example and free psychometric tests examples.

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  • Real Estate & Property
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  • Saville tests
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Practice psychometric tests - recent trends:

Tailored preparation for Hogan's psychometric tests - HBRI, HPI & HDS

Hogan has gained its impressive reputation by developing psychometric tests used by the FBI and other US government agencies and departments when assessing candidates. Based in Tulsa USA, Hogan distribute their psychometric tests worldwide. Their set of psychometric tests typically include Hogan's Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI), which is a cognitive ability test that includes three types of test questions - verbal, abstract and numerical test questions. Contrary to most cognitive tests, Hogan's HBRI test is not timed. In addition to the HBRI, Hogan typically use two types of personality tests - Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and Hogan Development Survey (HDS). Both Hogan's personality tests include a list of statements and your task is to say whether they are true or false about you. Hogan has a very strong emphasis on your personality profiling believing that this is key to identifying whether you are suitable for the job you are applying for. Our Institute's psychometricians developed a tailored preparation for your test with Hogan. Read more

Tailored preparation for Revelian tests - RCAT & Personality tests

Revelian is a psychometric test developer that provides online psychometric testing services to the local and Asian markets. Revelian have been operating in the market since 1999 and are based in Brisbane. Until 2014 the company operated under the name Onetest. Revelian tests typically include aptitude tests and personality tests. Revelian's aptitude test is Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT). The RCAT test is a very popular test among many employers. Revelian's Cognitive Ability Test is a timed test that includes 51 test questions out of a large pool of test questions. You are given 20 min to complete all test questions. The RCAT combines three types of test questions: verbal, numerical and abstract test questions. Revelian also offer several personality tests including Revelian Work Safety test, Revelian Reliability Scale and Revelian's personality tests. All Revelian's personality tests include statements and you need to state the extent to which you agree to each statement. Our Institute's psychometricians developed a tailored preparation for your Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT), Revelian's Work Safety Test and Revelian's Personality Tests including Emotional Intelligence Test. Read more

Tailored preparation for CEB or SHL reasoning and personality tests

CEB (as it has been formally known SHL) is a psychometric test developer based in the UK that provides online psychometric testing services worldwide. They were one of the first companies to offer psychometric tests across Australia. CEB or SHL offer a set of cognitive and aptitude tests including SHL's verbal reasoning tests, SHL's numerical reasoning tests, SHL logical reasoning tests and SHL mechanical reasoning tests. All SHL's aptitude tests are timed and are based on sets or questions randomly selected from a large pool of test questions to match the type of job you are applying for. SHL also offer a range of personality tests based on their popular Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ). SHL's OPQ test includes sets of statements or adjectives and your task is to state which statement out of each set is the most or least like you. Our Institute's psychometricians developed a tailored preparation for your SHL or CEB verbal reasoning test, SHL numerical reasoning test, SHL logical reasoning test and SHL's OPQ test. Read more

The recipe for a successful preparation for your aptitude tests and personality test

We know as psychometric test experts that people are not similar. Each person has their own unique set of aptitude skills and personality profile. This means that a real effective preparation for your aptitude test and personality test must be fully adaptive and tailored to you. A fully tailored preparation for your aptitude test and personality test must focus on your specific aptitude tests and personality tests weaknesses and be adaptive to your own learning pace. From this unique approach, our psychometric test experts developed a revolutionary adaptive tutoring guidelines for the aptitude tests and personality test that ensures that you are at your best when taking your aptitude tests and personality test. Read more. Read more

Why you should be careful in taking free numerical tests

Many candidates begin searching for free practice numerical aptitude tests as soon as their potential employer asks them to take a psychometric test or aptitude tests as part of the recruitment process. When they google "free psychometric tests" or "free numerical tests", they will find a long list of free practice aptitude tests to take. "Yay!", they think; "I can prepare for my psychometric test and aptitude test at no cost!"

However, this strategy actually comes at a high cost in too many cases, because these free aptitude tests are unlikely to present the right type of test questions you will need for your real psychometric and aptitude tests. So, when you commence your real aptitude test, your immediate reaction will be shock and frustration - and you will lose precious time adjusting to an unfamiliar scenario, and end up with a lower score than you otherwise might have. Read more

The hidden dangers in taking free verbal aptitude tests

There is an endless number of free aptitude tests and free verbal tests available online, and many find this to be reassuring. They practise these free aptitude test and free verbal tests for days, and spend valuable time reading the test questions and reports assuming this will ensure that they succeed in their real test. However, to their horror and surprise, the real verbal aptitude test asks them to complete verbal test questions that are very different to the ones they practised on the free test sites! The shock and disappointment of this discovery makes it particularly difficult to readjust and concentrate during the timed verbal aptitude test - and the typical outcome of this scenario is a lower test score.

Our consultants have dealt with many clients who have experienced the frustration of having prepared for their real test using these free verbal test sites, and consequently underperformed when they sat their real verbal aptitude test. Read more

Free Psychometric tests & Free Aptitude tests - how to ensure your practice is effective!

You are likely to find numerous sites on the internet offering free psychometric tests and free aptitude tests. However, you should consider two critical issues before trusting them with your career. Each job requires a specific set of capabilities or competencies. This means that there is no single free aptitude test (free verbal reasoning test or free numerical reasoning test) or free personality test that fits all jobs. For your practice to be worthwhile you must ensure that you are practicing for the right psychometric test for the job you are applying for. The second issue to consider with free aptitude tests and free personality tests is how much learning you gain through doing a free practice psychometric test, a free aptitude test or a free personality test. The critical component of good preparation is understanding how to approach a similar question in your real psychometric test, not knowing whether you got the question right in the practice test. Our psychometric test preparation is job specific and designed to help you learn and improve. For more information, please check our free aptitude tests and free personality test and their reports.

How to prepare for your personality test

Personality tests measure your behavioural style, opinions and motivators- for example, whether you prefer working in a group or independently whether you prefer taking charge over situations or following others. Personality tests also measure personal attributes such as temperament, career interests and personal values. It is a well known fact that the personality test is the test which the majority of job seekers dread and believe they cannot prepare for. The unknown factor of what the personality test might reveal about your personality accelerates this fear. However, our extensive experience shows that effective preparation can ensure that you demonstrate your full potential and capabilities. An effective preparation for the personality test starts with ensuring you are familiar with what is expected from you in your personality test and getting your mind thinking in the correct way. A good way to assist you with this step is to take our online personality test course, which is designed to do this. The next step would be to take our online personality practice test enabling you to ensure that you demonstrate your true personality to your potential employer when taking your personality test. Read more…

How to prepare for Diagrammatic reasoning tests

The Diagrammatic reasoning test is identical to the abstract reasoning test. The different name has been given to these tests by the test developer but essentially they are identical to abstract reasoning tests. As in the abstract reasoning test, diagrammatic reasoning tests present questions in the form of diagrams where a number of logical rules apply. Your task is to identify the underlying patterns and rules and use these to select the missing shape from the options provided. The key to preparing for the Diagrammatic reasoning test is to learn the common logical rules so that your mind can quickly recognise them in a test question. Read more…

How to prepare for Inductive reasoning tests

Inductive reasoning tests are designed to assist employers to identify your ability to solve problems. Inductive tests are a part of the abstract reasoning tests. The different name has been given to these tests by the test developer but essentially they are identical to abstract reasoning tests. As in Diagrammatic reasoning tests, Abstract reasoning tests and Logical reasoning tests, the test taker has to identify underlying logical rules of patterns and use this information to select the missing shape from a number of options. By taking IPC's online abstract reasoning test course and abstract reasoning practice tests you will be able to learn the most common patterns and logical rules and then effectively apply them in your Inductive reasoning test. Read more…

How to prepare for Numerical reasoning tests

Contrary to popular belief the numerical reasoning test doesn't measure your mathematical skill. Numerical reasoning tests are designed to measure your ability to utilise information provided in tables, charts and figures, in order to make a business related decision. Each numerical test question includes a table or chart/graph and you will be asked to use this information to work out the correct answer.

The key to preparing for your numerical reasoning test is to make yourself familiar with basic mathematics such as arithmetic, percentages, ratios and fractions, as you will see in IPC's online Numerical reasoning test course. The next step will be to take IPC's numerical reasoning practice tests. Upon completing a practice test you immediately receive a report including your total score, a list of your correct and incorrect answers, detailed answer explanations and worked solutions to all questions to help you identify and strengthen areas in your numerical reasoning skills. You can access these reports online at any time and track your outcome as you improve. Read more…

How to prepare for Verbal reasoning tests

Verbal Reasoning Tests are designed to measure your ability to understand and respond to questions about information provided in a passage of text. The passage's topics are not necessarily work-related but based on general knowledge.

You will be asked to read a given passage of text and then consider statements in relation to the passage. You have to decide whether the statement is true, false, or cannot be determined, given the information contained in the passage.

An effective preparation for the Verbal Reasoning Tests starts with ensuring you are familiar with what is expected from you in this test and getting your mind thinking in the correct way. A good way to assist you with this step is to take our online Verbal reasoning test course. The next step would be to take our online verbal reasoning practice tests are designed to do this, enabling you to improve your verbal reasoning skills and be relaxed when taking your verbal reasoning test. Read more…

Practice psychometric tests - online versus paper versions

Given that psychometric tests are increasingly being conducted online, rather than the traditional paper-and-pencil format, research in psychometrics has looked at measuring the differences between these two modes of psychometric tests on candidates' performance. Psychometric test developers attempt to ensure that these different modes of delivering psychometric tests produce the same results. However, there are inevitable differences in these modes that can lead to differences in the results of candidates' psychometric tests. Read more…

Practising for CAT based psychometric tests

Evolving computer technologies, which have led online psychometric tests to become common practice in employee recruitment today, have now enabled the usage of computerised adaptive testing (CAT) methods in administering psychometric tests. Psychometric tests which are based on CAT include aptitude tests such as abstract reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests and numerical reasoning tests. Recently, the CAT method has also changed the way personality tests are offered to candidates. CAT-based psychometric tests include test questions which are very similar to those in traditional tests. Nonetheless, the important differences are in the length of tests and the uniqueness of test questions. Read more…

How employers use psychometric tests to select candidates

Recent trends in organisations highlight that the fit between employees and an organisation has become, and is becoming, more and more important. Employers want you to share similar characteristics to their organisation, and they use psychometric tests (aptitude tests and personality tests) to assess how you fit with the organisation, the ability to which the employer and employee will be able to meet each other's needs. Organisations assess aspects such as general intelligence through aptitude tests and personality traits through personality tests to provide an indication of person and organisation 'fit'. Read more…

Practice leads to improved performance on your psychometric test

Over many years, psychometric test developers have claimed that there is no use preparing for the psychometric test, as it doesn't measure acquired knowledge but only intellectual and natural intelligence.

These claims were proven to be wrong. Researchers have found that success in the psychometric test is not only dependent on applicants' natural intelligence but also on their studies and their past experience in completing psychometric tests. Preparing for the psychometric test has been proven to improve applicants' results by removing elements such as pressure, stress and ambiguity of tasks which hinder test outcomes. Read more…

A person's age impacts his/her performance on a psychometric test

It has been well documented that there is a general decline in psychometric performance as a person advances in age. For example, a particular study by Samuel Granick titled 'The Effect of Education on the Decline of Psychometric Test Performance with Age' back in 1967 showed that this was more significant in psychometric tests relating to cognition, attention, perception and visual-motor coordination. While this can be fairly alarming to candidates who have finished school or university a while ago, the good news is that there is a large amount of research which shows that older candidates can significantly improve their performance on their psychometric test through good old-fashioned practice. Read more…

Job specific psychometric tests

Whilst there are many different types of psychometric tests, the most important thing to realise as a job applicant is that psychometric tests are highly job specific. What this means is that employers use psychometric tests which assess job applicants' attributes that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Therefore, when preparing for the psychometric test, it is important that you practice job specific psychometric tests online. In contrast, general psychometric tests, which are offered by the majority of websites and organisations offering online practice psychometric tests, are not tailored to the job you are applying for and are unlikely to mimic the real psychometric test. Practicing job specific psychometric tests will prepare you for how to answer questions designed to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities required by the job you are applying for. You will therefore be able to prepare for the psychometric test far better than you would by practicing with the general, non job-specific psychometric test offered by most sites. Read more…

Practice aptitude tests & intelligence

Aptitude tests are a fundamental component of a psychometric test. They attempt to measure trait intelligence (IQ) and cognitive ability, which is indicated by your efficiency in information processing. There are different types of intelligence, namely fluid and crystallised intelligence (Kaufman & Kaufman, 1993). Cyrstallised intelligence involves verbal or language-based accumulated knowledge developed mainly through your education and other life experiences. In contrast, fluid intelligence refers to your adaptability and flexibility in the face of novel experiences that do not permit automatic reasoning. For example, aptitude test items which measure fluid intelligence require psychometric test-takers to demonstrate deductive logic or reasoning. To give you an idea, you would need deductive logic to identify common logical rules among a group of shapes. This logic would assist you to identify the odd shape (in an 'odd one out type of question) or the next shape in a sequence. Read more…

How to cope with psychometric test anxiety

Many job applicants find the psychometric testing situation to be extremely stressful. If you are feeling stressful, and are anxious and worrying about the prospect of sitting psychometric tests, it is important that you understand the effect that this can have on your psychometric test results.

A major interest in psychometric test anxiety research is how to cope with this anxiety and uncertainty. The aim is to have test takers control and eliminate the negative emotions in order to strengthen and promote adaptive, positive thoughts and emotions, and thus encourage successful psychometric test performance. Findings in this area of research have revealed that proactive coping methods, such as preparation and practicing online psychometric tests, are significantly related to psychometric test taking anxiety and psychometric test performance. That is, practicing online psychometric tests has been shown to decrease test anxiety and improve test results. Read more…

Tailored preparation by psychometric test developers:

You can prepare for your specific types of psychometric, aptitude and personality test questions when, in addition to your job classification and level, you know who your potential employer uses as a psychometric test provider. There are several major psychometric test providers used in our market, which our Psychometricians have tailored preparation solutions for. Learn how we can prepare you for your aptitude and personality tests with the following psychometric test developers:

* SHL, Revelian, TalentQ and other trademarks are the property of their trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with the Institute of Psychometric Coaching or this site.

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