Job-customised preparation for your Aptitude tests - Practice Abstract (Logical or Inductive), Verbal, Numerical, Mechanical and others suitable for the job you applied for

Aptitude tests are used by employers to measure your work-related cognitive capacity. Aptitude tests are one of the most commonly used assessments in measuring candidates’ suitability for a role. The most commonly used set of cognitive tests includes – abstract/conceptual reasoning, verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning.

Prepare & practice only for aptitude tests customised for the job you are applying

It is important to know that while two Aptitude tests might have the same test names, the test questions style and level of difficulty might be very different. For example, if you are requested to complete a Numerical aptitude or reasoning test for a position in banking you will receive questions which include tables and graphs but if you apply for a position with ADF you will receive a Numerical aptitude test that includes questions with no graphs or tables but only number series and text based numerical questions.

While Aptitude test names are generic (i.e. Numerical, Verbal, Abstract...) the test questions style and level of difficulty is customised to the job you are applying for.

You must ensure that you are practicing for the right style of test questions and the right level of difficulty or else you are just wasting your time.

What are Aptitude tests?

Aptitude tests can typically be grouped according to the type of cognitive ability they measure:

1. Aptitude tests that measure your fluid Intelligence:

Fluid intelligence is the ability to think and reason abstractly, effectively solve problems and think strategically. It’s more commonly known as ‘street smarts’ or the ability to ‘quickly think on your feet’. Examples of what employers can learn from your fluid intelligence about your suitability for the role you are applying:

  • effective problem-solving skills
  • ability to quickly learn new skills
  • ability to quickly integrate new information
  • strategic thinking
  • ability to deal with ambiguity in decision making

Preparation and practice for Aptitude tests in this group:

What to expect in this type of aptitude test:

  • Non-verbal test questions which must be completed in a predefined time.
  • You typically have around 30 seconds to complete each test question.
  • The time limit and the level of difficulty are defined in such a way that only 1-5% of the population can correctly solve all the test questions within the time frame provided.
  • Each test question includes a scenario and multiple answer options. There is only one correct answer.
  • To solve a test question you need to identify one or more logical rules and apply them to identify the next or the ‘odd-one-out’ shape.

2. Aptitude tests that measure your crystallised Intelligence

Crystallised intelligence is the ability to learn from past experiences and to apply this learning to work-related situations. Work situations that require crystallised intelligence include producing and analysing written reports, comprehending work instructions, using numbers as a tool to make effective decisions, etc.

Preparation and practice for aptitude tests in this group:

Avoid Confusion when practicing for your aptitude tests - Same Test Names but Very Different Test Questions Style:

It is important to explain a very confusing issue about aptitude tests. While the names of aptitude tests are generic such as Verbal aptitude test or Numerical aptitude test, the style of test questions and their level of difficulty is very different across different jobs.

What to expect in this type of aptitude test:

  • A set of verbal or numerical problems which must be completed in a predefined time.
  • The time limit is defined in such a way that only 1-5% of the population can correctly solve all the test questions within the time frame provided.
  • Each test question has only one correct answer.
  • Test questions offer you written information such as statements, tables or graphs. Your task is to quickly analyse the given data and make correct business decisions.

Free Practice Aptitude tests

You can try our Free Aptitude tests to gain some experience about what to expect. Please note that the questions style and level of difficulty was not customised for a specific job, like our preparation practice aptitude tests:

How we prepare you for your aptitude test:

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching offers online preparation solutions (aptitude test courses, practice aptitude tests and personal coaching) developed by experienced pschometric test trainers who took part in developing aptitude tests and administering them to candidates applying for jobs with many local and international companies. Our preparation solutions are quick, effective, affordable and tailored to the level of difficulty and complexity of the position you are applying for.

1. Take our Institute's job-tailored Practice Aptitude Tests with detailed solutions online. Immediate Access –

  • IPC has the largest pool of job-specific aptitude test questions.
  • Prepare only for relevant test questions and tests.
  • Each practice aptitude test has a timer to mimic real test taking pressure.
  • Each practice aptitude test mimics your real test.
  • Upon completing each test you receive an immediate full test reports about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You get your tests' scores in comparison to others.
  • You get a list of your correct and incorrect answers.
  • You get step by step answer explanations to all test questions.
  • All this ensures that you quickly recognise questions’ patterns and correctly solve problems.

2. Take our Institute's job-tailored Aptitude Tests Courses online. Immediate Access –

  • Each aptitude test course includes the do’s and don’ts of the aptitude test.
  • You will learn effective aptitude test taking strategies.
  • You will get example aptitude test questions and answers.
  • All courses have been developed by experienced psychometric test trainers who are experts in test development.

3. Take our Institute's Personal Tutoring –

  • Get one-on-one coaching to ensure you improve your scores.
  • Tutoring is delivered by psychometric test experts.
  • Tutoring can be delivered face to face or via Skype video to ensure you get the most out of your coaching.

Our Institute's preparation for the aptitude tests work!

  • All our preparation material has been written by experienced Australian psychometric test trainers and psychometric test developers..
  • Contrary to the common belief, you can prepare and significantly improve your aptitude test score. We have worked with over 200,000 satisfied customers who improved their aptitude test scores.
  • We don’t just give you to complete just any aptitude tests but ensure it fits the level of difficulty as in your real test
  • We don’t only give you to complete some aptitude tests online which is NOT an effective preparation strategy, but we give you detailed answer explanations to ensure you learn the right problem solving techniques.
  • 91% said, in our recent survey, that they experienced an immediate improvement. 

Start preparing for your aptitude tests Now. Click to take your job-specific preparations


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