Job-customised expert preparations for your psychometric test – practice Aptitude tests, Personality tests & Emotional Intelligence tests

Our expert Organisational Psychologists have developed several unique preparation solutions to ensure you shine above others in your tests:
  • Job specific practice Aptitude & Personality tests with detailed answer explanations
  • Test developer specific practice Aptitude & Personality tests with step by step solutions
  • Tailored tests courses
  • Face-to-face or Skype video tutoring delivered by expert Australian Psychometricians and Psychologists
  • Immediate Access

We ensure you improve your aptitude and personality test scores by offering you the following professional psychometric test preparations:

Preparation 1 - Practice job-specific aptitude & personality tests online:

  • 100's of real timed practice tests
  • Detailed answer explanations at the end of each test

Read more about our practice aptitude and personality tests and about each specific test:

Practice Aptitude, Reasoning & Cognitive tests online (while test names are generic all test questions are job specific)

Practice Personality tests online (all practice test are job specific)

Practice test by specific test developers Aptitude, Reasoning & Personality tests online:

Preparation 2 - aptitude & personality tests courses online:

Read more about our aptitude and personality test courses and about each specific test course:

Preparation 3 - Face-to-face or Skype video test tutoring:

Read more about our:

Preparation 4 - Group activity & role-play tutoring:

  • Face -to-face or Skype video tutoring
  • Delivered by expert Psychologists

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Preparation 5 - Job interview tutoring:

  • Face -to-face or Skype video tutoring
  • Delivered by expert Psychologists

Read more about our:

  • Prepare for your job interview and receive personal feedback
  • Understand how to best respond to behavioural interview questions
  • Learn how to apply the STAR technique to your interview
  • Delivered by experienced Organisational Psychologists
  • Immediate Access

Preparation 6 - Job interview course online:

Read more about our:

Preparation 7 - Psychometric test workshops:

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Preparation 8 - Job specific preparation packages

Our institute has developed special preparation packages for many jobs in the Australian market:

Preparation 9 - Preparation for Academia

Our institute has also developed special packages for those who need to pass entry exams for Academia:

Bond University Medicine Program - Expert preparation for the Psychometric tests & Interviews


Why IPC’s tutoring & preparation for psychometric tests, aptitude tests and personality tests is unique:

  • Comprehensive, professional preparation solution for your psychometric test.

IPC is the only Australian company to offer a full range of preparation solutions for your aptitude and personality tests, including: online practice psychometric tests; online psychometric test courses; personal coaching delivered by experienced psychologists; and psychometric workshops.

  • Developed by experienced Australian Psychologists & psychometric test writers.

All our online practice tests, full test reports, improvement recommendations, and online training courses have been developed by experienced Australian psychologists with more than 25 years of experience in administering psychometric tests to thousands of job applicants in blue-chip companies.

  • Practice tests and courses match the job you are applying for.

IPC is the only company to offer online preparation material that has been designed to match the job you are applying for. We have preparation solutions for more than 90 occupations and organisational levels.

  • Full test reports including detailed answer explanations.

Upon completing your practice aptitude and personality tests, you will receive an immediate full test report including: your total score; a list of correct and wrong answers; and detailed answer explanations to ensure you learn from your mistakes and improve your test score.

  • Practical recommendations on how to improve your aptitude and personality test scores.

Professional and practical recommendations are offered in each aptitude and personality test report to ensure you don’t repeat your mistakes, improve your test-taking skills, and improve your test score.

  • Short and sweet.

At IPC we are well aware of the short time you have to prepare for your psychometric test. That’s why our preparation solutions have been designed to be short and focused, but still deliver all you need to help you succeed in your aptitude and personality tests.

  • Preparation at your own pace.

IPC's online practice aptitude and personality tests, as well as our online test courses, have been designed to develop your learning and gain the required test skills at your own pace. You don’t need to wait for someone slow or catch up with someone who is fast. The learning is done at your own pace.

  • Offered by career services at more than 30 Australian universities.

IPC’s psychologists work closely with the career services of more than 30 universities to offer our preparation material to graduates entering the workforce. We also work with many recruitment firms to present our services to job applicants.

  • Flexibility to study when and where it suits you.

Our psychometric test course and practice tests are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to better accommodate your busy schedule. You can take our practice aptitude and personality tests, as well as our psychometric test courses, from your home, work, or even a café with a WiFi hotspot. In fact, you can take our psychometric test preparation from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can get high-quality training where it suits you.

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