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Personality test questions:

The are several popular personality tests used by employers. They vary in the personality traits they measure and the personality test question style. The most common personality tests that employers use are

  • 16PF personality test,
  • 15FQ+ personality test,
  • OPQ (SHL),
  • HPI personality test (Hogan),
  • HDS personality test (Hogan),
  • NEO personality test (Par) and
  • Wave personality test.

Each of these personality tests uses a different question style to measure your personality. Therefore, our practice personality tests include preparations for all these personality tests and test questions style.

Example personality test questions:

We collected for you some some free examples of personality test questions:


People often turn out not be as nice as they seem.

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree


Which is most and least like you:

I am generous

I am confident

I like to be active


I would rather be a counsellor than an architect.

  • True
  • ?
  • False

Please note: it is important that you prepare for your personality test using the correct question style. Take our preparation package for personality tests to practice all types of personality tests and personality test questions style.

Our free personality tests:

Our free practice personality tests and free work safety test, are designed to give you a brief experience of what is a generic personality test in a general context and in a work safety specific context. Please note that when you purchase our tailored practice for the personality test you will get a comprehensive preparation for each type of popular personality test.

Our free personality tests and free work safety test, are designed to give you a brief experience of what is a personality test in a general context and in a work safety specific context..

Preparing for your personality test is doable and critical:

Our extensive experience shows that many job applicants are of the believe that you can’t and should not prepare for your personality test. However, in reality, many of them end up with a personality test score and profile that does not represent their true personality. There are a range of factors that can lead to this outcome some of them are as simple as misunderstanding what the personality test questions ask, answering the personality questions in the wrong context and trying to guess what the test questions measure. Therefore, it is critical that you practice for your personality test. You can take our free personality test to get a flavour of what to expect but it is highly recommended that you take our preparation packages for the personality test to practice full personality tests and receive your profile reports in the context of the job you are applying for.

Your personality test scores are as important as your aptitude test scores

A very common mistake is for job applicants to assume that only your aptitude test score is important to your employer. In fact, even triggering one unsuitable score, among your 30 or more personality scales, might mean that your employer will not invite you to continue with the recruitment process. For example, a bad score on a personality scale that measures your ability to cope with stress and pressure or your ability to plan ahead would mean that your employers is not likely to continue with your recruitment.

Different types of personality tests and styles of personality test questions:

While our free personality test and free work safety personality test are offering one style of personality test questions ,it is very important for you to know that there are several types of personality tests used in the market. Each one uses a different style of test questions and measures different personality scales. Most personality tests profile you across 16 to 32 personality scales. However, the style of test questions might differ significantly. For example, one of the most common styles of a personality test question is a statement and you have 5 answer options to state the extent t which you agree with this statement about you. Another very common style of personality test questions is a question in which you have several statements and you need to select which is most and least like you or rank he statements. In these free personality tests you will see the first style of test questions. However, when you take our preparation packages you will have the possibility to prepare for all the personality test question styles.

Free personality & work safety tests’ reports:

Once you complete our free personality test and free work safety test, you will receive a short personalised test report with some recommendations. This report doesn't match your specific occupation or job level. However, our practice personality tests and work safety test reports do. The identify your areas of weakness or unsuitability.

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