About Us

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching (IPC) is an Australian leader since 2006 in providing professional preparation solutions online and face-to-face for the Aptitude & Personality tests used in Australia for job seekers. IPC has revolutionised the common belief that you cannot prepare and be trained for psychometric testing.

We are all expert Organisational Psychologists with over 30 years of experience in working with Psychometric tests (Aptitude, Reasoning, Cognitive & Personality tests) to assess job applicants. Most of us have also worked with many leading Australian test developers such as SHL Australia, OneTest (Revellian) & ACER.

In the past 13 years we have prepared more than 150,000 job applicants. We understand the dread many job-applicants feel when facing with the requirement to take the psychometric test or an assessment centre.

We know that many qualified candidates fail to get the job they want, or employees fail to attain the promotion they have been waiting for, just because they were too nervous on the day of the test or were just overwhelmed by the test. Even fresh graduates out of uni (let alone professionals who sat their last test about 10 or 20 years ago) find it difficult to cope with new challenges and time constraints when exposed to psychometric tests.

From talking to many job applicants, we find that most tend to make two critical mistakes when asked to take a Psychometric test:

1. They believe that they do not need to prepare for such tests because all the tests will do is demonstrate how good they are

2. They take some free tests from anywhere on the web to prepare and then feel good about themselves.

3. They take cheap practice tests from overseas thinking that this will prepare them for the test that they need to do here.

It is important for job applicants to know that the Psychometric tests can easily create a very negative profile for very good candidates. Just because they did not properly prepare. Over 50% of our customers are job applicants that tried to prepare on their own and then failed their tests. Therefore, as expert Psychologists we made sure that our professional preparations for the aptitude & personality tests are:

1. Tailored to our Australian job market - has practical preparations to what is used here in Australia.

2. Customised to the job you are applying for, as different tests are used for different jobs.

3. Our practice tests are based on real test questions used by employers here and offer detailed answer explanations.

4. Our tests courses are practical for your specific tests

5. Our face-to-face or Skype video tutoring is practical and tailored to our market. 

We pride ourselves in providing professional preparations that all job applicants find practical and useful.

Our recent survey shows that 93% of people we prepared found our preparation to be very valuable and very effective to shining their tests.

Our in-depth expertise in psychometric testing and what employers seek to attain enable us to offer you practical preparations, which are concise, easy to follow, and immediately available online. Our timed practice tests are not only based on the real questions used in the Australian market, but they also offer you the unique and very different experience of taking the test under real conditions.

We have experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 2006, with an ever-growing demand from job-seekers. The opportunity to assist job applicants who are seeking to get their dream job or advance their career, through improvement of their psychometric testing skills, is our joy and satisfaction.

Our professional advisory board ensures that all our preparation services are of the highest quality:

Dr. Sarah Ogilvie


Dr. Ogilvie is an experienced organisational psychologist who provides services to Australian and international firms such as Ernst & Young, APP, and The Age in the areas of behavioural profiling, delivery of assessment centres, talent acquisition, and organisational development. Dr. Ogilvie has extensive knowledge in psychometric testing and its application in selecting candidates and promoting staff.

Dr. Alex Bahar-Fuchs  

Dr. Bahar-Fuchs is a senior psychologist, with specialist training in clinical neuropsychology and cognitive psychology. In addition to holding clinical and research positions as a neuropsychologist at Casey and Austin Hospitals, he holds a research fellow position at the Australian National University (ANU). Dr. Bahar-Fuchs has a passion for psychological-based assessments, and is one of the founders of a leading web-based company in the area of psychometrics and wellbeing. 

Mr. Gadi Hadar

Mr Hadar has established himself as a key figure in the internet industry with proven success in launching IPOs, founding internet companies, and developing unique e-commerce and e-finance solutions. Mr Hadar is Managing Director of Easy-Forex Australia, a leading web-based provider of trading in foreign currency. He heads the Easy-Forex Asia–Pacific region, with offices in Australia and the Philippines. Mr. Hadar’s extensive experience of the Australian internet, internet based technologies and e-commerce markets has greatly assisted IPC in offering cutting edge preparation solutions to its clientele.

Ms. Dora Kordakis

Ms. Kordakis is a senior Psychologist who has extensive experience in administering and interpreting Psychometric tests. In addition, she also enjoys an extensive experience in HR Consulting and Executive Coaching with DDI. Strong human resources professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Psychology from Monash University.