Some of our success stories


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Some of our success stories:

Can not speak highly enough of the coaching provided to my son. Having been unable to unlock the career he wanted in the ADF recruitment while applying in Y11, I searched multiple groups offering services. Paid for another service which was not as good and they also offered 1:1 tutoring on their site (but didn't really). Organised for an initial 1:1 with IPC, which was really positive, then 2 more 1:1 sessions. Roy was fantastic at identifying the strengths and areas for improvement. Gave my son strategies to manage time and answers. My son's confidence and capability improved substantially and he blitzed the psychometric tests. Unlocking his career options and making it possible to progress. The cost was worth every cent and would not hesitate to do it again. The knowledged he gained will help in recruitment options in the future.

Justin Lee (son applied for a position with ADF)


I just wanted to thank you for the session we had on Wednesday and I’m excited to inform you that I was successful and have progressed to the reference check stage of recruitment!! 

Iain (applied for a position with Ambulance Victoria)


It was so good to do my tests with NAB after your coaching. It made a huge difference to my scores.

Nikki (applied for a promotion with NAB)


I was so disappointed not passing the exam for the third time. But now after your coaching I finally understand why I did not pass the personality test with AV.

Jessica (applied for a position with Ambulance Victoria)


Just letting you know I passed my psychometric test for Ambulance Victoria. Thanks for clarifying the test structure and questioning technique.  I also appreciate your advice regarding consideration of other peoples situation and point of view.  These are important factors.

David (applied for a position with Ambulance Victoria)


Just wanted to pass on my thanks to Daniel who was a big help in preparing me for my Psyche interview for Rail Car Driver in Perth. I have passed and am now in the pool waiting impatiently for a training date. All the tests i did were a great help too. Many thanks, especially to Daniel!

Glenn (applied for a position with PTA)


I saw online the free tests a person can do and was considering doing them until i came upon your website. It was so lucky as now i build up a level of confidence in taking my tests. I took them yesterday and was told today that I passed. Thanks you.

M (applied for a position in transport)


I bought ACER’s book for Vic Police but it had no explanations. Your site was great as I could learn what i did wrong and how to answer the questions correctly. Without your help I would have failed the ACER tests again.

Daniel (applied for a position with Victoria Police)


In preparation for an assessment I sat this past Sunday which I received news I had been successful in progressing through to the QFES final phase of the recruitment process, (which is GREAT)  I am very grateful for your services you provide. 

A (applied for a position with QFES)


Your tutoring on the Emotional Intelligence test was so helpful. I would have probably not passed this tests without your help.

Michelle (applied for a position with VIC Police)


The guidance I received from Daniel about the Emotional Intelligence test was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend.

David (applied for a role with MFB)


I recently used the Institute of Psychometric Coaching, to prepare for tests required by a large corporate. Beyond the knowledge & experience gained by completing their courses & timed tests, my preparation was enhanced by the personal coaching session, which came as part of the package to which I subscribed. The psychometric test trainer with whom I met, was consummately professional, and our session equipped me with the skills required to perform predictably well during actual testing. Consistent performance in psychometric testing, can be a difficult thing to prepare for and predict, but with the tools/approach offered by the Institute, a dependable approach can be mastered. Highly recommended

Alison (applied for a role with a large corporate)


I recently had a one-on-one coaching session with one of their senior psychometric test trainer. My time with trainer was worth every penny. He shared really clever strategies to prepare for the tests and helped me through some of the reasoning problems. I highly recommend this service and in particular the face-to-face coaching

Dustin (applied for a senior role with Bank of America)


With the help of the preparation from the courses and your practice tests and especialy the step by step answers, I have passed the Victoria Police entrance exam.

C (applied to a role with Vic Police)


G’day! I wanted to give you guys some feed back on the numerical, verbal, and abstract practice tests. What an awesome preparation, I do not regret buying it for one second. Thanks to your courses and tests I scored very highly on the aptitude test and qualified for every single ADF officer position including the one I was aiming for (Air Force Pilot!). I even told the recruitment officer about it and she said she would share it with other candidates! No hesitations from me to recommend this to other people. 10/10.

J.J. (aplied for a role with ADF)


Thank you for a very good experience. I was very afraid after failing previous tests but your support was great. I am happy to let you know that I passed my psychometric tests with Macquarie.

Michael (applied for a job with Macquarie Investment Banking)


I passed the police exam for Victorian Police, on the 18th after using your program. Thanks so much taught me how to do the problem solving, with out this I wouldve failed a second time, role on the next step.

D (applied for a position with VIC Police)


I am really happy with how the psychoetric test workshops were run. Everyone said the workshops were very useful and that they would both do them again and recommened to others. 

Nick McConville (Director, Career Services at Deakin University)


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your online courses. I sat the NSW Police Entrance Exam in August however I failed 3 components (Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Summary). I had to wait 3 months before I could resit. I purchased your online courses and practice tests and I managed to pass all 3 components with flying colours. Your courseand tests gave me the knowledge and tactics that I needed to know to be able to understand the questions and break it down. I’ve now received an offer to commence at the Academy in 2018. 

Chris (applied for a position with NSW Police)


Just letting you know I sat my test and received a score above 95% for Cognitive and approx 97% ro 98% for work safety. Next step is the Emotional Intelligence test. Thank youso much for your help.

Amelia (applied for a position with Fire and Rescue)


Thanks for sending the additional information through. I have now done by test for the position with local council. I think I have done well in the verbal and abstract reasoning. I just thought I would give you feedback.Thanks again for helping.

J (applied for a position with local council)


I had a coaching session with you several weeks ago, whereby we spoke about the QLD Police aptitude test for recruitment.

 I am pleased to advise that I scored very well, exceeding 91%.  Thank you very much for your assistance.

Rob (applied for a position with QPS)


Just letting you know I passed my OSB with a high recommendation. Thanks for all the time and effort you spent with me.

Muarice (applied for a position with ADF)


Psychometric Coaching has significantly helped me in my attempt at joining the navy, when i went along to the YOU session I scored a lot higher on my math tests as well, allowing me to apply for an officer position.  It has also helped me learn a lot more about English grammar, I would absolutely recommend this website as a way of improving your overall math and English knowledge.

Alex (applied for a position with ADF)


I purchased preparation emergency services full package. Just wanted to express my feedback, in 2015 I applied for a position in FRNSW my comparisons scores came back as COG 72% and WS 55% (as an estimate). For the 2016 intake prepared using IPC and unfortunately didn't go through to the second round of testing but my feedback scores came back as COG 97% and WS 85% (as an estimate) I have had friends asked how I improved my scores and have recommended IPC for them to use. Have already started prep for next intake but just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that even though I did not progress my scores have improved massively by using your material..

Jay (applied for a position with Fire Services)


The courses and tests the Psychometric Institute provides have been awesome in preparing me. I have scored exceptionally well on the cognitive tests that I've undertaken.

Scott (applied for a position with Defence Forces)


First, let me extend my appreciation for your site.  I am an executive conducting a job search. Testing is a major part of the process at companies I am interviewing with.  I have not taken tests like these before and some of the subject matter like algebraic equations are twenty five years in my past.  Yours is the best site in the world for practicing and improving these skills.

I believe your courses and practice tests are the best available on the web and great investment in my future.

Keith (applied for an executive position with ANZ)


I just thought I should let you know that I found out this week that I’ve been accepted!!!

There were many steps to the process, but I am confident that without the coaching you gave me around the Work Safety and Work Reliability tests, I would probably not have made it through to the next stages.

Thank you very very very much!

T K (applied for a position with Fire and Rescue)


“Thanks to your preparation I passed my aptitude tests with Queensland Police. I wouldn’t have passed it without your help”

Ash (applying for a role with QPS)
"I did the Cognitive Ability Test and Work Safety Assessment over the weekend and thanks to your help, based on the feedback report provided, I did very well. My results in the Work Safety Assessment and Cognitive Ability test were much better than my last attempt thanks to you! I’m sure the dates I ate helped too"

Tim (applying for a position with Fire and Rescue)

"Just a quick note to say thanks. I ended up buying the practice tests and testing courses for numerical and abstract testing to help prepare. I found all of it to be very useful. It was a quick read. I took my test yesterday and passed. I have not yet been told a score but I felt very confident leaving the test. The job is in Switzerland. Not sure what my next steps are but I thank you for the support in preparing for the test."
Doug O. (applied for a pilot position with Swiss Air)
"Just a quick note to say I'm glad I used the tests on  your website to prepare!
I knew how to go about answering the questions and what to look for. Without the preparation I am sure I would have panicked and only achieved a very low result"
Brigit P. (applied for a managerial position with Hilton Hotels)
"I got on the top 15% for the cognitive test and top 7% in the work safety assesment. Thank you for your help in preparing for these tests"
Dean W. (applied for a position with Fire and Rescue) 


"Wanted to let you know I scored in the second highest level for the aptitude test and was eligible for rifleman with the Australian Defence Force. I also passed my interview and personality test. Thank you so much for all your help in preparing me for the tests and interview"

Dwayne G. (applied for a position with ADF)


"I want to express my appreciation to you for an extremely professional approach to preparing me for my psychometric test. You were excellent all the way through two job applications, and I am very pleased to say that I got the second job in what is a very difficult time in the job market. Thank you guys"

Simon P. (applied for a senior role with CBA)


"I would highly recommend it to everyone who is taking the aptitude tests."

Ben W. (applied for a position with St. George Bank)


"It has been very helpful to take the online courses and practice tests."

Stewart D. (applied to a CFO position with Coles)


"The practice tests are of good quality and helpful in preparing for employer aptitude tests. The response from IPC was very good.

William F.(applied for a position with Telstra)


"Your practice tests really helped me to understand what I should expect in my psychometric test and how to cope with the pressure of being timed. All answer explanations were very simple to understand. You helped me a lot in ensuring that I passed the test and get the job I want. THANK YOU."

Simone M. (applied for a position with Rio Tinto)


"The courses and practice tests definitely helped me to overcome my fear and anxiety of the psychometric test. The practice test questions were exactly what I had in my real test. I felt very confident and calm when taking my test."

Ashley B. (applied for a position with Qantas)


"When I received an invite from ANZ to take my psychometric test I was in panic. You guys helped me to calm down, be confident and successfully pass my assessment centre."

David L. (applied for a position with ANZ)


"I passed my first interview with QLP but then was asked to sit the psychometric test. I didn’t know what to expect. Using your practice tests and courses to prepare for my test helped me a lot to get a good score and move on to the next interview."

Gavin P, Brisbane.


"I was very scared about doing the psychometric test for Telstra, as I was unsuccessful in completing them for a job with Ericsson. Your practice tests and courses have helped me so much to get rid of my fear and be successful in getting the job."

Daniel G. (applied for a position with Telstra, NT)


“Utterly professional, reliable and easy. The practice tests and courses gave me a clear understanding of what to do in the psychometric test. The test was a breeze and I got the job I wanted. I finally feel very confident that I have the skills to succeed in the psychometric test, should I have to take it again as part of progressing in my career.”

Gary H, VIC.

“It was a very intensive evening, but I managed to take two practice tests of each category before taking the psychometric test the following day. I ended up landing the role I applied for, but the interesting part was that my new manager commented that I had very strong results in my psychometric test results.”

Craig G., Perth.


“I was very impressed with the aptitude test reports that I received. The simple and clear test answer explanations were very useful. The resemblance to the test questions I had in my psychometric test was amazing.”

Stuart C. ( applied for a position with SHELL)


“I was a manager at a large financial services company. When I was made redundant, I had an unexpected difficulty in passing the psychometric test and getting a new role. Although I felt good about the way I answered the test questions, my recruiter said that my results were fairly poor. Luckily, he recommended that I take your preparation for the psychometric test. After taking the online courses and getting valuable tips in the personal coaching, I passed the second psychometric test with flying colours and finally got another job. I thank you on behalf of myself and my family for getting me over this difficult time.”

Maurice B., NSW.


“I honestly can't thank you enough for taking the time to provide this fantastic psychometric preparation package. I spent almost a week reading self-preparation books and was very surprised to get different types of questions in the test. Once taking your online practice aptitude tests and courses, I was able to carefully implement the techniques and skills to successfully pass the psychometric test and finally be offered the job I wanted. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Janet F. (applied for a position with ADF)


“I am so glad that I found your link on my university site, so I could go through this wonderful preparation for the psychometric test. It made taking the psychometric test a good experience. I felt confident, relaxed and in control. It was a great feeling.

Thank you, and I will recommend your services to everyone I know.”

Chris H., VIC.



I recently purchased a set of Psychometric modules to prep for 2 job interviews with rather rigorous selection processes.

The outcome was that I was successful in being offered both roles and I’m in the enviable position of being able to make a choice of the best role for my future.

Thank you for the help in setting me on the right path to achieving my career goals.


Polly Z, Sydney.


Hi guys,

Have purchased a 2 week viewing of your website, very helpful. Once again a great website.
Jade M, Perth.
Your products are great. Very helpful and very reasonable prices. Well done.

Terry C (applied for a role with Australian Customs)


I sat the test on Monday. I think that it went really well - thanks to the Institute and Alex. I think your services are invaluable - I was an absolute mess on Saturday. i couldn't have got through the test without the support of the institute. Thank you.

Angela H, NSW.


We are interested to hear your feedback. Please let us know of your experience and suggestions. Email us at 
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