Personal tutoring for your psychometric tests (aptitude tests & personality tests), or your job interview

Make a smart investment in your career—have experienced psychometricians and expert psychometric test trainers to improve your aptitude test scores and personality test profiles.

What is tutoring for your aptitude tests, personality tests & emotional intelligence tests?

Our Institute’s tutoring for your aptitude tests, personality test, emotional intelligence test or job interview is a unique preparation service that offers you tailored guidance and support from our experienced psychometric test trainers in a personal environment. Your tutor will work closely with you to improve your specific weaknesses using example aptitude test questions. You will be equipped with practical frameworks and techniques to use when tackling an aptitude test or personality test question, and these will build your test-taking confidence level.


Experienced psychometricians and psychometric test expert trainers 

Our tutors are experienced psychometricians and experts in psychometric tests. Our tutors work with local and overseas psychometric test developers. All our tutors are experienced teachers who know how to identify the most effective learning style for you. They deliver the material in such a way that you will be able to understand it quickly, and then easily apply it during your real aptitude tests and personality tests.


Measuring your baseline for aptitude tests and your personality test profile

As part of our preparation for the tutoring sessions, your tutor will analyse your pattern of responses to all the practice aptitude and practice personality tests. You will complete these before to your first tutoring session. This analysis will help the tutor to identify your baseline, which is your current level in each of the aptitude tests and your current personality test profile.


Identify your key strengths and weaknesses in taking aptitude and personality tests

The tutor will compare your measured current baseline to the required skill levels for each of the aptitude tests and personality tests—this will identify your key areas of strength and weakness. The focus during the tutoring will not be on all weaknesses, but more on those that can be improved reasonably quickly to achieve the best improvement in your aptitude tests scores and your personality test profile.


Face-to-face & video conference

Your tutoring will be delivered either face to face in our Melbourne and Sydney offices, or as a video conference from any computer connected to the internet. In recent years, we have experienced a significant increase on our video conference tutoring sessions, as many clients prefer to avoid commuting to our offices. Many of the customers who took our video conference tutoring sessions commented that they got much more out of working with our tutors from the convenience of their homes. Our extensive experience as psychometric test trainers has shown that there is no significant difference to the test-taking success of our clients between those being tutored face-to-face or via video conferencing. Its more about what suits you better, and this will make your learning more effective.


Personal approach

We believe that effective tutoring must be tailored to your learning style and pace. Your tutor will work with you at your own pace, and will use the most suitable learning style for you—this will ensure that we achieve the best outcome for you.

All your tutoring sessions will be delivered one on one—not in a group.


Tailored to the job you are applying for

Our Psychometric test experts are very experienced with the types of aptitude and personality tests that are used in the market—and, specifically, which ones are used by particular companies. Therefore, your tutoring sessions will be tailored to the specific type of aptitude personality tests that you will need to take for both the job you seek and the company you wish to work for.


Complete confidentiality 

We are all psychoetric test experts who adhere to the highest ethical code. We do not disclose information about you in any way to anyone, nor information about your tutoring sessions. Even if you were to ask us to disclose such information, we would still refuse.


Booking tutoring for your aptitude tests, personality test, or job interview

To book your tutoring session/s, simply go to our home page and select your relevant classification and job level. Then click on “GO”. The column to the right will have one-on-one coaching sessions – venues to choose, number of hours, and prices.


Start your personal tutoring today and maximise your potential to get the job you want!

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