How to improve your Emotify test outcome

Emotify test preparation guide & example test questions

Emotify is a timed Emotional Intelligence test developed by Criteria to measure three aspects of Emotional Intelligence. 

What is the Emotify Emotional Intelligence test?

The Emotify test was developed by Criteria as a reasoning measurement of people’s emotional intelligence using 3 distinctive aspects of your emotional intelligence.

  • Ability to identify emotions in facial expressions
  • Ability to identify people's emotions based on their behaviour
  • Ability to identify effective strategies to manage emotions.

The Emotify test includes 3 parts:

Part 1 measures your ability to identify emotions in facial expressions. This part is timed and includes 30 questions. You only have 3 seconds to answer each question.

Part 2 measures your ability to identify people's emotional responses to day-to-day situations. This part, requires you to not only identify the correct emotional response but also the facial expression that demonstrates the correct emotion. This part includes 30 questions (each page includes 3 test questions). You only have 1 minute to complete each page with 3 test questions.

Part 3 measures your ability to identify an effective method to manage or regulate emotions based on work related scenarios. This part has 14 questions. This section is not timed.

The difference between Emotify and other EI tests

Contrary to most Emotional Intelligence tests used in the market, Criteria offers a reasoning rather than a personality based test. This means that the Emotify regards EI as a cognitive ability and therefore uses a timer as part of the test.

What is an Emotify Emotional Intelligence test question?

The Emotify test has two types of test questions:

The first type or Emotify test question style includes a short scenario that describes a situation about one or two people. Then you are asked to decide what is each person in the scenario likely to feel. Your answer will not only include the emotion but also the facial expression that conveys the correct emotion.

The second type or Emotify test question style includes a screenshot of a face and you are asked to decide whether this facial expression conveys a specific emotion. Your answer can only be yes or no. 

Let's review the following example test question for the Emotify test:

Is this Surprise?

Here you need to analyse the facial expression to identify the correct emotion.

The Challenge with the Emotify test:

Many job applicants find the Emotify test very challenging due to the following reasons: 

  • The Emotify's timer is very short. This makes it very difficult for test takers to consider all the options before the time runs out.
  • The test questions are very different from what people are used to.
  • The test questions require people to deal with things outside their comfort zone.

How the Institute will assist you to prepare for your Emotify Emotional Intelligence test: 

The Institute’s psychometric test experts and psychometricians have prepared a full preparation solutions for the Emotify Emotional Intelligence test::

Personal Tutoring sessions (Face-to-face or Skype live) including extensive material:

  • Delivered by experienced Psychometric test trainers.
  • You will be given a practice Emotional Intelligence test and you will receive expert real-time feedback.
  • Your Psychometric test trainer will teach you everything you need to know about the Emotional Intelligence test including example test questions.
  • Prior to your coaching sessions you will be given a practice Emotify test to complete.
  • You will also be given special practical material and special information to help you to successfully complete the 2 parts of the Emotify test. 
  • Your Psychometric test trainer will also identify your areas of strength and weakness

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Some of our success stories in preparing for the Emotify test:

I am just emailing to inform you of my Emotify test outcome - I passed!!

(Alex applied for Ambulance Victoria)


I just wanted to inform you I was successful in completing the emotional intelligence test! I couldn’t have done this without the amazing support I got from Roy in my three sessions.

(Serena applied for a position with APS)

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