Professional preparation for your numerical aptitude test

How we improve your numerical aptitude test score

  • Practice numerical aptitude tests online
  • Numerical aptitude test courses online
  • Personal coaching for your numerical aptitude test (delivered over the telephone)
  • Numerical aptitude test workshops 

Why it is important to prepare for your numerical aptitude test

  • Even if you are great in maths, the numerical aptitude test question levels have been designed to have wide range of difficulty. This means that you are likely to experience challenges, even if you are a whizz in maths.
  • Many numerical test takers have achieved poor verbal test scores due to stress and pressure.
  • You only have one chance for a good score in your numerical aptitude test. Employers and companies administering psychometric tests offer no second chance.
  • Your numerical aptitude test score will be kept for around two years with the company administering your test and your test score will be used for future jobs you are applying for.

These reasons make it extremely important for you to get the best numerical test score in your real test! There are no second chances!

The good news is that the numerical aptitude test is the part of the psychometric testing in which you can gain the biggest improvement within a short time. Our experience and research literature show that numerical reasoning skills can be quickly and significantly improved with the right training.

How we prepare you for your numerical aptitude test

Take our practice numerical aptitude tests online

  1. We have the largest pool of numerical aptitude test questions for Australians.
  2. Our test questions are designed to match the level of difficulty and complexity required in the job you are applying for.
  3. All test questions are designed in Australia by experienced psychometric test developers.
  4. Our practice numerical aptitude tests mimic your real numerical test experience.
  5. Comprehensive numerical test reports are available immediately.
  6. Lists of correct and incorrect answers are available immediately.
  7. Detailed explanations of answers are offered to ensure you are well prepared for your numerical test.
  8. You immediate access to our practice numerical aptitude tests.

See below for some examples numerical aptitude test questions and answer explanations. Click on the image to enlarge.

  • Practice numerical test introduction
  • Example question 1
  • Example question 1 - Answer
  • Example question 2
  • Example question 2 - Answer
  • Example Test #3
  • Example question 3 - Answer
  • Practice numerical test Result

Take our numerical aptitude test courses online

  1. Major improvement can be achieved within as little as 2–3 hours.
  2. Easy-to-read explanations about the types of numerical reasoning questions and how to answer them.
  3. The numerical aptitude test course takes you step by step through all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to complete your numerical test with flying colours.
  4. Effective preparation strategies for your numerical aptitude test.
  5. Practical test-taking strategies and techniques on how to crack the numerical aptitude test.
  6. Example numerical aptitude test questions, and detailed explanations on how to answer them.
  7. Do’s and don’t’s of the numerical aptitude test.
  8. Useful tips on how to crack numerical aptitude test questions.

See below some example slides of our numerical aptitude test course. Click on the image to enlarge.

  • Numerical Course introduction
  • Numerical Course Example slide 1
  • Numerical Course Example slide 2
  • Numerical Course Example slide 3

Take our one-on-one personal coaching for your numerical aptitude test

  1. Work closely with one of our professional psychologists over the telephone.
  2. Can be delivered outside of normal business hours and on weekends.
  3. We will ensure that you enhance your advantages and improve your weaknesses relevant to your numerical aptitude test score.
  4. You also receive free access to our numerical aptitude tests.

Take our numerical aptitude test workshop

Participate in a one- or half-day psychometric test workshop run by experienced organisational psychologists and psychometric test writers.

In the workshop, you will receive personalised and comprehensive psychometric test preparation.

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