Some of the Institute's partners

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching has joined forces with several service providers to offer you a comprehensive solution for your job preparation. Below are some of the companies and organisations we have partnered with:


CareerOne is one of Australia’s leading job boards and websites. IPC has partnered with CareerOne to provide the visitors to their website professional preparation services for the psychometric test and assessment centre, which has been developed by our expert psychometric test trainers and psychologists.

Metro Resumes

IPC has partnered with Metro Resumes, an award-winning Australian company that specialises in developing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and selection criteria responses.

The team at Metro Resumes includes highly experienced writers who can help you best present your experience for the roles that you target. They work with people at all levels across all sectors and industries. To speak with a friendly expert today about your resume, click here