IPC's Advisory Board Members' Profiles

Dr. Sarah Ogilvie

Dr. Ogilvie is an experienced organisational psychologist who provides services to Australian and international firms such as Ernst & Young, APP, and The Age in the areas of behavioural profiling, delivery of assessment centres, talent acquisition, and organisational development. Dr. Ogilvie has extensive knowledge in psychometric testing and its application in selecting candidates and promoting staff.

Dr. Alex Bahar-Fuchs  

Dr. Bahar-Fuchs is a senior psychologist, with specialist training in clinical neuropsychology and cognitive psychology. In addition to holding clinical and research positions as a neuropsychologist at Casey and Austin Hospitals, he holds a research fellow position at the Australian National University (ANU). Dr. Bahar-Fuchs has a passion for psychological-based assessments, and is one of the founders of a leading web-based company in the area of psychometrics and wellbeing. 

Mr. Gadi Hadar

Mr Hadar has established himself as a key figure in the internet industry with proven success in launching IPOs, founding internet companies, and developing unique e-commerce and e-finance solutions. Mr Hadar is Managing Director of Easy-Forex, a leading web-based provider of trading in foreign currency. He heads the Easy-Forex Asia–Pacific region, with offices in Australia and the Philippines. Mr. Hadar’s extensive experience of the Australian internet, internet based technologies and e-commerce markets has greatly assisted IPC in offering cutting edge preparation solutions to its clientele.

Ms. Dora Kordakis

Ms. Kordakis is a senior Psychologist who has extensive experience in administering and interpreting Psychometric tests. In additon, she also enjoys  an extensive experience in HR Consulting and Executive Coaching with DDI. Strong human resources professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Psychology from Monash University.