What to expect in your numerical aptitude test

The numerical aptitude test measures your ability to interpret, analyse, and draw logical conclusions based on numerical data. There are several types of numerical aptitude test questions. Each is of a different level of difficulty and complexity:

  • The easier numerical aptitude test questions typically include simple word problems requiring you to calculate percentages or other basic arithmetical calculations and number series (single number series or Sudoku-based number series). This type of question measures your ability to work with numbers and use numerical data as a tool to make reasoned decisions and solve problems.
  • The more complex and difficult numerical aptitude test questions are frequently used to assess graduates and candidates applying for professional and managerial roles. This type of question includes more complex information presented in graphs or tables and measures your ability to efficiently process numerical information in a logical manner, identify critical pieces of information, filter out irrelevant information, draw accurate conclusions, and solve problems.

Numerical aptitude test example questions

Check out some examples of numerical aptitude test questions that employers use, and our approach to preparing you for these questions.

  • Practice numerical test introduction
  • Example question 1
  • Example question 1 - Answer
  • Example question 2
  • Example question 2 - Answer
  • Example Test #3
  • Example question 3 - Answer
  • Practice numerical test Result

Preparing for your numerical aptitude test on a shoestring

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Online numerical aptitude test courses to ensure you:

  1. know all the do’s and don’t’s of this test
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What do employers seek to learn from your numerical test score?

Numerical data generated by organisational systems, or communicated by key stakeholders, are a crucial information sources to drive results, monitor progress, and achieve business goals. Hence, employers expect you to be capable of effectively collecting, interpreting, analysing, and presenting numerical data.

Employers use the results of your numerical aptitude test to learn the extent to which you are:

  • capable of efficiently and effectively identifying critical business-related issues, and logically drawing conclusions from numerical data, such as performance figures, financial results and analysis reports;
  • capable of efficiently monitoring performance and progress based on numerical metrics, such as charts and tables;
  • capable of clearly presenting and conveying business-related issues to work colleagues and managers.