Free Practice Aptitude Tests

 Numerical, Verbal & Abstract reasoning tests are psychometric aptitude tests used by employers to assess your suitability for a wide range of positions such as graduates, professionals, managers and executives or senior management. Using the Institute's practice aptitude tests you can prepare for these tests, become familiar with the aptitude test questions and improve your aptitude tests' scores.

Free Abstract or Conceptual or Inductive aptitude tests

Abstract aptitude or Inductive reasoning test questions are designed to assess your logical reasoning ability. The questions measure your ability to quickly identify logical rules and trend across situations and apply them to predict future situations.

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Free Verbal aptitude tests

Verbal aptitude test questions either measure your verbal comprehension by requiring you to read short passages of text and then answer questions assessing your comprehension of the text or your master of the English language by requiring you to identify ‘odd ones out’ from a list of words. The test questions measure your ability to logically process large amount of text in English and identify critical information.

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Free Numerical aptitude tests

Numerical aptitude tests measure your ability to process numerical information quickly and accurately. They don’t measure you maths skills but your ability to make decisions based on numerical information presented in graphs, tables or text. To answer numerical test questions you will be required to use formulas such as ratios, percentages, number sequences and efficiency.

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Free Mechanical aptitude tests

Mechanical aptitude tests measure your ability to understand and apply basic mechanical principles to solve mechanical problems. Each mechanical test question requires you to solve a mechanical problem, which includes pulleys, levers or gears.

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