Free Practice Aptitude Tests & Free Practice Reasoning Tests

Different styles of aptitude test questions 

Most people will be familiar with some of the generic name of some of the aptitude tests such as numerical reasoning test, verbal reasoning test, abstract reasoning test, logical reasoning test or mechanical reasoning While the names of these tests are generic, the style of test questions within each type of aptitude test is tailored to the job you are applying for.

The following free aptitude tests are not tailored to a job but just a generic combination of test questions.

In the Institute's preparation packages you will be able to practice only the style of test questions relevant for the job you applied for.

Free Abstract reasoning test, Free Logical reasoning test, Free Inductive reasoning test

Abstract or Logical or Inductive reasoning tests are just different names for the same type of aptitude test. They are all designed to assess your ability to think in a strategic manner, solve problems and work with partial information. 

Remember that different jobs have different styles of test questions.

Take our Free Abstract or Inductive aptitude Test


Free Verbal reasoning tests, Free Verbal aptitude tests

Verbal reasoning test or verbal aptitude test are two different names for the same type of aptitude test. Verbal test questions measure your verbal comprehension, your vocabulary in English and your ability to process information in English. There are many different verbal test questions styles. The style will depend on the type of job you are applying for.

Take our Free Verbal aptitude test 1

Take our Free verbal aptitude test 2


Free Numerical reasoning tests, Free Numerical aptitude tests, Free Quantitative reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests, numerical aptitude tests or quantitative reasoning tests are different names of the same aptitude test. This type of aptitude test measures your ability to process numerical information quickly, logically and accurately so you can make the correct decisions. The level of complexity and difficulty of test questions as well as the style of test questions is tailored to each job. The difference between the numerical test questions style can be vast. 

Take our Free Numerical aptitude test 1

Take our Free Numerical aptitude test 2


Free Mechanical reasoning tests, Free Mechanical aptitude tests

Mechanical aptitude tests measure your ability to understand and apply basic mechanical principles to solve mechanical problems. Each mechanical test question requires you to solve a mechanical problem, which includes pulleys, levers or gears.

Take our Free Mechanical aptitude test 

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