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Ensure your job applicants excel in their psychometric test

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Did you know that excellent job applicants sometimes fail the psychometric test?

It has been our experience during more than 25 years of administering and interpreting psychometric tests that even the best candidates tend to underperform in the psychometric test. We often find candidates who were great in the interview yet performed poorly in their psychometric test. The key factors influencing this are:

  • Pressure, stress and test anxiety drag applicants’ performance down in both the aptitude and personality tests
  •  The ambiguity of the aptitude and personality tests is also detrimental to applicants’ performance in the psychometric test

Practise makes perfect!

Just like any test you took at school or university, preparing for the psychometric test makes a huge difference. Practice leads to improved performance (read the evidence).

What is a psychometric test?

The standard psychometric test includes several cognitive or aptitude and personality tests:

What are cognitive or aptitude tests?

  • Measure applicant’s intelligence (fluid and crystalised intelligence)
  • Aptitude tests include a set of verbal or non-verbal questions with a list of answer options
  • Aptitude tests are timed. Once the timer elapses you can no longer continue
  • Aptitude tests are designed so only 1-2% of the population can complete them on time and correctly
  • The most popular aptitude tests are abstract/diagrammatic aptitude test, verbal aptitude test, and numerical aptitude test

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What are personality tests?

Personality tests measure applicant’s characteristics and work behaviour – is the applicant a good communicator? Can the applicant execute tasks? Can the applicant solve problems? 

Personality tests include a set of either statements or adjectives (descriptors). Applicants need to either rate the extent to which each statement is accurate about them or rank the adjectives best on ‘most and least like me’.

Personality test are untimed but typically take around 35 to 50 minutes to complete.

The most popular personality tests are SHL’s OPQ, 16PF and 15FQ+.

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Want more guidance about what to recommend to your job applicant?

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