Job specific psychometric tests


Whilst there are many different types of psychometric tests, the most important thing to realise as a job applicant is that psychometric tests are highly job specific. What this means is that employers use psychometric tests which assess job applicants’ attributes that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Therefore, when preparing for the psychometric test, it is important that you practice job specific psychometric tests online. In contrast, general psychometric tests, which are offered by the majority of websites and organisations offering online practice psychometric tests, are not tailored to the job you are applying for and are unlikely to mimic the real psychometric test. The Institute of Psychometric Coaching (IPC) offers job specific online practice psychometric tests that mimic the real test. That is, the online practice psychometric test or preparation services which you will gain access to through IPC will be tailored to your occupation and your organisational level (e.g., graduate, professional or manager). IPC have  online practice psychometric tests suitable to over 90 different occupations and organisational levels.

Practicing job specific psychometric tests will prepare you for how to answer questions designed to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities required by the job you are applying for. You will therefore be able to prepare for the psychometric test far better than you would by practicing with the general, non job-specific psychometric test offered by most sites. Through practicing IPC’s online job specific psychometric test you can learn which areas you may need to prepare further for, particularly as IPC also provides detailed feedback on your answers so that you can learn how to better tackle particular questions on your real psychometric test.

 So, through practicing job specific psychometric tests job applicants have the chance to build job specific skills (i.e., those that are unique to the job they are applying for). For instance, if your real psychometric test contains an aptitude test, then it will include items measuring specific job relevant abilities. Aptitude tests measure your ‘natural’ ability to undertake tasks and other activities and the results are designed to reflect how successful you would be in the particular role you are applying for. To succeed in the real psychometric test, an understanding is required. Through practicing job specific psychometric tests you will be increasing your ability to emphasise specific skills. That is, practicing job specific psychometric tests will help you to demonstrate that you are suitable for the job you are applying for.

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