Tailored preparation for Revelian tests - Practice Revelian Tests and Examples

Find out how the Institute of Psychometric Coaching effectively prepares through tailored practice tests, online courses and one-on-one coaching for your psychometric, aptitude and personality tests developed by Revelian (formerly known as Onetest).

About Revelian (known as Onetest until 2014)

Revelian is a psychometric test developer that provides online psychometric testing services to the local and Asian markets. They have been operating in the market since 1999 and are based in Brisbane. Until 2014 the company operated under the name Onetest 

Revelian’s Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT)

Revelian's Cognitive Ability Test is the preferred psychometric test used by employers in large companies needing to screen potential candidates. The Cognitive Ability Test includes 51 test questions and combines 3 types of test questions:

Revelian Verbal reasoning test questions.

These test questions are designed to measure your ability to identify words that do not belong to a group or find word associations or logical thinking.

Let's check the following Revelina verbal test questions examples:

Example Question 1:

Which two statemenets together prove that Tim has a red car?

A. Gil likes Tim's car colour

B. Tim likes fast cars

C. Gil has a fast car

D. Gil likes only red cars

E. Tim's car is not silver

Example Question 2:

Which are the two odd-ones out?

A. Borrow

B. Trade

C. Sell

D. Rent

E. Loan

F. Lease

Numerical reasoning test questions

These test questions include traditional number series, Sudoku type of number series and time, speed, distance type of test questions.

Let's check the following Revelian  test questions examples:

Example Question 1:

Tom has been flying his small jet for 30 minutes and has traveled 200 Killometres. What has been his average speed in Killometres per hour?

Example Question 2:

Steve has to figure out the number of animals to be placed in each of the small zoo's cages. He decided that the number of animals to be placed in each of the 6 cages will depend on the size of the cage in comparison to the other cages. One cage is four times the size of two of the zoo's cages and equal to the three other cages. What is the minimum number of animals in each cage?

Abstract reasoning test questions

These test questions are non verbal and include groups of shapes. Your task in each question is to find the odd ones out or the missing shape.

The Cognitive Ability Test allows candidates 20 minutes to complete the entire test.

In our practice Revelian Cognitive test questions you will receive detailed answer explanations to allow you to solve similar test questions in your real Revelian Cognitive test.

Revelian’s Personality Tests

Revelian has designed several Personality Tests which are used by employers to assess job candidates’ behavioural style. The most popular tests are:

Onetest Behavioural Profile (OBP) which has 24 test questions and is untimed

16 Personality Factors Questionnaire (16PF) which has 170 test questions and is untimed.

Let's check the following test question example:

I prefer playing tennis than basketball?

A. True

B. ?

C. False

In your practice Revelian personality test you will receive detailed answer explanations to allow you to understand what each question measures and how to answer so you can emphasize your strengths.

Which companies use Revelian’s Cognitive Ability Test and revelian Personality Test?

Revelian is a leading psychometric test provider and has an impressive client list of companies such as: Federal Police, Deloitte, NSW Government, BMW, AURIZON (Queensland Rail), Telstra, Chandler McLeod, Vilage, Energy Australia, Pepsico, Thiess, Dan & Bradstreet.

Please note that most companies tend to have more than one psychometric test provider.

Practise and preparation for your Revelian Cognitive Ability Test and Revelian Personality Test

The Institute of Psychometric Coaching offers online and tailored practise tests and preparation solutions to ensure that you are ready to take your test with Revelian:

  • Practise online tests mimicking the verbal, numerical and abstract test questions in Revelian’s Cognitive Ability Test
  • Practise online Personality Tests to prepare you for the OBP and 16PF personality tests
  • Fully tailored online cognitive and personality test courses
  • One-on-one coaching sessions delivered by experienced psychologists and psychometric test trainers
  • Try our practise online tests and preparation solutions for your cognitive and personality tests developed by Revelian to ensure you demonstrate your true capability.

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