Why you should be careful in taking free numerical tests

Many candidates begin searching for free practice numerical aptitude tests as soon as their potential employer asks them to take a psychometric test or aptitude tests as part of the recruitment process. When they google “free psychometric tests” or “free numerical tests”, they will find a long list of free practice aptitude tests to take. “Yay!”, they think; “I can prepare for my psychometric test and aptitude test at no cost!”

However, this strategy actually comes at a high cost in too many cases, because these free aptitude tests are unlikely to present the right type of test questions you will need for your real psychometric and aptitude tests. So, when you commence your real aptitude test, your immediate reaction will be shock and frustration—and you will lose precious time adjusting to an unfamiliar scenario, and end up with a lower score than you otherwise might have.

To avoid this nightmare, you need to know that there are many types of numerical aptitude tests. Even though they might share the same title, the actual test questions can look very different and are designed to measure different things. So, the first step to ensure you are on the right track is to only practise numerical tests that are similar to those you will get in your real test.

For example, Saville consulting (a psychometric test developer from the UK) uses questions based on tables and graphs, while Brisbane-based Revelian doesn’t. If you’ve practised free numerical tests that use tables and graphs, but asked to take a numerical test based on Revelian, then you will simply have wasted your precious time. Likewise, if you practised questions based on number series or simple numerical texts, but then asked to complete a Saville test, then you have also squandered your time.

To ensure that you wisely use your time preparing for your numerical aptitude test, we strongly recommend that you use professional consultants or professional sites to discover what type of numerical aptitude test questions you are likely to have in your real test, and then only practise those questions which will be similar to those you will be asked.