Tailored Preparation for Your Sova Tests

Our experienced Psychometricians developed a tailored preparation for your Sova reasoning tests and Sova's personality test. We offer effective and practical preparations for Sova:

  • Tailored online Sova practice reasoning tests (abstract, verbal and numerical tests) with timers. All practice tests include step by step answer explanations.
  • Online courses for all Sova's reasoning and personality tests including tips on how to succeed in each section.
  • 1-on-1 tutoring for Sova tests. Delivered by experienced psychometric test trainers either face-to-face or via Skype live

About Sova's tests

Sova Assessment is a test developer from the UK who offers a combination of reasoning tests – abstract test, verbal test and numerical test, a personality test and a situational judgement test to assess candidates. Employers such as NAB and AusPost have been using SOVA for some of their assessments.

Sova's reasoning and logical tests

Sova Assessment has 3 types of aptitude or cognitive tests to measure your reasoning skills:

  • Sova verbal reasoning test –

    This test typically includes 9 questions. The questions are grouped into 3 sets of 3 test questions. Each set relates to a specific passage (or short paragraphs). Each test question includes a statement which you need to decide whether this statement is true, false or can’t say based on the content of the paragraph.

  • Sova numerical reasoning test  –

    This test typically includes 9  questions. The questions are grouped in to 3 sets of 3 test questions, similar to the verbal test. The question in each set require you to calculate ratios, percentages and other information based on graphs and tables.

  • Sova logical reasoning or abstract reasoning test –

    This test also typically includes 9 test questions. The test questions include a group of shapes. Your task is to find what is the next shape based on certain patterns and logical rules that you could identify among the shapes displayed. Logical rules or patterns can include rotation of shapes, changes based on a numerical series and colours.

Timer for reasoning and logical tests

  • Sova Assessment tests DO NOT HAVE A TIMER DISPLAYED during the reasoning test sections, as they claim not to have a time limitation.
  • However, Sova tests USE A TIMER to measure how long it took you to complete each test question and how long it took you to complete the entire section. These times are then used as a factor to calculate your total scores.
  • When completing each of the reasoning and logical tests sections you will be given breaks in between sections to read the instructions. These are times when the timer does not work.

Even though Sova’s tests do not have a timer running for the entire test, to properly prepare you for your Sova test we added a timer to our Sova practice tests. The timer will assist you to understand how quickly Sova expect you to work and to get used to work against a timer. The expectation for how quickly  you should complete each question depends on the type of test that you complete. You aim should be to complete a verbal test question within 30 seconds, a numerical question within 45 seconds and an abstract test question within 45 seconds.

Sova Assessment’s Personality Test

Sova Assessment’s personality test measures your suitability for a job based on the following personality traits:

  1. Managing complexity – this scale measures your ability to enjoy and make sense of complex date and situations, your ability to a conceptual approach to problem solving and you preference for innovative solutions.
  2. Engaging with others – this scale measures your ability to influence and persuade others, you tendency to be confident and assertive when interacting with others, your ability to consider other’s point of view and your preference to take a leading role.
  3. Resilience – your ability to cope with stress, pressure and seatbacks. This scale also measures your ability to be optimistic.
  4. Learning – this scale measures your level of curiosity and whether you enjoy learning about new approaches vs. being practical and receiving guidance. This scale also measures your flexibility.
  5. Decision making – this scale measures whether you tend to have your own opinion about what should be done and be confident to express it and apply it or you prefer more to be guided by others, are you strategically approaching tasks and considering all issues or do you prefer to work on tasks with others.
  6. Innovation – this scale measures whether you like finding innovative solutions, open to new ideas and views and are quick to adapt to changing requirements or procedures.
  7. Self-drive and motivation – this scale measures your self-drive and ambition to achieve goals. 

Which companies use Sova's tests - reasoning and personality tests?

Sova Assessment is a fairly new company and the main customers for Sova’s assessments have been AusPost, ASIC, Victorian Government, NSW Government and Pfizer.

Please note that most companies tend to have more than one psychometric test provider.

Our special preparation for Sova tests:

1. Practice Sova tests with timer and full answer explanations

Our experienced Psychometric test trainers developed tailored Sova preparation solutions to ensure that you are well prepared for your tests with Sova Assessment. Our tailored preparation packages for Sova tests include:

  • Online Sova Practice tests with step by step answer explanations. Reasoning tests include abstract reasoning test, verbal reasoning test and numerical reasoning test.
  • Sova's parctice tests have timers to get you used to the speed in which you need to complete your real Sova tests.
  • Online Sova test courses for all reasoning and personality tests including tips on how to succeed in each section.

2. 1-on-1 Tutoring for Sova tests

  • Personal tutoring for your Sova tests.
  • Tutoring is delivered by our experienced Psychometric test trainers.
  • Delivered either face-to-face in our Sydney and Melbourne offices or via Skype live.

How to start your preparation for Sova tests:

1. Go to our list of classification and select 'Sova tests'

2. Select your relevant job level.

3. Then click GO

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