Preparation for NSW Ambulance tests - emotional intelligence and cognitive tests

NSW Ambulance psychometric tests – Preparation 2021

If you are applying to join NSW Ambulance, you will be required, after completing your onlne interview, to take several challenging Psychometric tests:

Phase 1 - An Emotional Intelligence test that includes 38 sections and has 144 test questions.

Phase 2 - A cognitive test that measure your abstract, verbal and numerical reasoning skills

What is NSW Ambulance's Emotional Intelligence test?

The Emotional Intelligence test was developed by Mayer, Salovey and Caruso as a measurement of people’s emotional intelligence using 8 distinctive aspects of your emotional intelligence.

  • Ability to identify emotions in facial expressions
  • Ability to understand use emotions to facilitate behaviour in others
  • Ability to identify people's emotions based on their behaviour
  • Ability to understand how actions facilitate emotions in others and us
  • Ability to identify types of emotions when looking at objects.
  • Ability to associate emotions with colours, taste and descriptions.
  • Ability to understand how to use emotions to facilitate interactions/relationships with others
  • Ability to understand the structure of different emotions.

The NSW Ambulance emotional intelligence test has 144 test questions and you get a separate score on each section of the test.

What is an Emotional Intelligence test question?

The NSW Ambulance test has a wide range of test questions type or style. In some you will be given faces and you will need to select the correct emotion and level of intensity of this emotion. In other questions, you will be given scenarios and be asked to select the most appropriate response. You will also be shown photos of objects and sceneries and be asked to identify the emotion/s that these photos are likely to elicit in people.

Let's review the following example test question for one of test’s sections:

Joan felt stressed, and became a bit anxious when she thought about all the work she needed to do. When her manager brought her an additional project, she felt ____.  (Select the best choice.)

a) Overwhelmed

b) Depressed

c) Ashamed

d) Self-conscious

e) Jittery

The correct answer is overwhelmed. Joan felt stressed before her manager brought her more work. The additional work given to her when she already was feeling under stress only increased the feeling and made her overwhelmed.

Another style of test questions in the emotional intelligence test is:

How much is each feeling below expressed in this picture?

Happy 1-5

Sad 1-5

Fear 1-5

Anger 1-5

Disgust 1-5

Here you need to analyse the content and colours to identify the correct emotions and the intensity of each emotion on a scale of 1 to 5.

Another example for a test question in NSW Ambulance's emotional intelligence test is:

How much is each feeling in the list below expressed by this face?

Happiness (1-5)

Sadness (1-5)

Fear (1-5)

Anger (1-5)

Disgust (1-5)

Here you need to analyse the facial expression to identify the correct emotion and the intensity of the emotion on a scale of 1 to 5.

The Challenge with the NSW Ambulance's emotional intelligence test:

Many job applicants find the test very challenging due to the following reasons: 

  • The test questions are very different from what people are used to.
  • The test asks you to identify emotions using facial expressions and photos of sceneries, which is a task that people feel unequipped to complete.   
  • The test questions require people to deal with things outside their comfort zone.

How the Institute will get you ready for NSW Ambulance Emotional Intelligence test: 

The Institute’s psychometric test experts have prepared a full preparation solutions for NSW Ambulance's Emotional Intelligence test::

Personal tutoring sessions (Face-to-face or Skype live) including special test material

  • Delivered by expert psychometric test. trainers.
  • You will be given a practice Emotional Intelligence test and you will receive expert feedback.
  • Your Psychometric test trainer will teach you everything you need to know about the Emotional Intelligence test including example test questions.
  • You will also be given special practical material and special information to help you to successfully complete the 8 sections of the emotional intelligence test. 
  • Your Psychometric test trainer will also identify your areas of strength and weakness
  • You would need to book 3 hours to properly be ready for the test.
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