Preparing for NSW Police Clinical Personality test 2019

If you are applying to join the NSW Police 2019 intake, you are only required to  complete one type of psychometric test – the clinical personality test. This a crucial clinical test that will determine whether you accepted or not to the police force.

The clinical personality test NSW Police 2019

The clinical personality test used by NSW police is a very comprehensive test that includes over 300 test questions and it measures your suitability based on over 50 scales such as your tendency for addiction, anti-social behaviour, your family ties and more.

Let’s review the following test question:

I like to be a singer. Yes or No

This test question measures your social confidence and the likelihood that you will avoid social events. 

The clinical personality test used by NSW police is not timed but you are encouraged to complete it within a reasonable time frame.

How the Institute will assist you to prepare for your Clinical Personality test with NSW Police 2019

The Institute’s psychologists have prepared a complete preparation solution for the clinical personality test:

Personal Tutoring for Clinical Personality test:

  • Delivered by expert Australian Psychologists.
  • Delivered face to face or via Skype Video.
  • Your coach works with you to ensure that you don’t mistakenly end up with a bad personality profile.
  • Immediate Access.

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