Tailored Preparation by Psychometric Test Developers - Aptitude Test & Personality Tests

There are several companies that develop Psychometric tests that are then used used by employers or recruiters in our market. Some are local and some are from overseas. Knowing the job (type of industry and your job level) is one very important component to ensure that you prepare for the right type of aptitude and personality test questions. As you may have already learned, there are many tests that will have the same name, for example numerical reasining test, but will have very different type of test questions. The type of test questions is very much depended on the industry that you are applying to and the job level. 

A second factor that can help your preparation is knowing who is the test developer that your potential employer is using. There are many test developers who develop aptitude tests, personality tests and psychometric tests. Most of them measure similar things but use different types of test questions to measure your suitability. In our market, there are several test developers that tend to be more popular among employers. Our institute and Psychometricians have developed some online and personal tutoring packages if you wish to prepare for a specific test developer. Click on the name of a test developer from the list below to learn more about the types of tests this developer has and how we prepare you for these tests:

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