Improve your score in the verbal test

Despite what some job-seekers believe, you can improve your performance in the verbal reasoning test. Like any other test you’ ve taken in your life, the right preparation can improve your test result. Although you cannot significantly improve your oral and written verbal communication skills within a very short time, you can learn and practise verbal reasoning test strategies and eliminate stress factors to quickly improve your performance.

The more you practise and learn relevant techniques, the more you improve your performance and the more confident you get to be on the day of the test. Careful preparation, along with practising verbal reasoning test questions online, will ensure that you improve your performance and attain a high score on the verbal reasoning test.

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If English is your second language

If English is your second language, you will find verbal reasoning questions harder than other test-takers and you should allow yourself much more time to practise these questions.

There is no quick way to improve your command of a second language. However, there are some useful strategies you should practise that will save you valuable reading time and improve your score on the verbal reasoning test.
There are three ‘time-saving’ strategies which you should carefully read in our guide on how to pass the verbal reasoning test:

  • basic reading techniques
  • reading strategies for the verbal test
  • how to plan your test time.

If you have enough time on hand, we recommend that you read articles from quality English newspapers, such as Time magazine, Business Week and The Economist to increase your ability to quickly read and grasp written editorial articles. While reading an article, you should analyse the main arguments stated and how the author supports these arguments. This will not only help to improve your English vocabulary, but also your verbal reasoning skills.

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