How to prepare for a Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests


Diagrammatic Reasoning psychometric tests are commonly used to assess candidates, along with abstract reasoning tests. As the name suggests, such tests involve objects (diagrams) such as a series of pictorial questions with little or no words or numbers. These tests are designed to measure your conceptual reasoning skills, which refers to your ability to quickly identify logical rules and apply them in assessing a situation and solving problems. Such skills have been shown to be very important for success in a range of jobs and tasks. This set of skills is especially important in positions that require good strategic thinking, ‘thinking on your feet’, the ability to quickly grasp the bigger picture and understand broader implications.  

A typical Diagramatic reasoning test would include a set of questions or problems. Each problem would include a group of shapes and four to five answer options. Your task is to identify the correct answer. As this type of test is timed, you are expected to spend around 30 seconds on each question. Therefore, an effective preparation for your Diagrammatic Reasoning test will ensure you don’t underperform due to pressure and stress.

As certain positions require a higher level of conceptual reasoning than others, the diagrammatic reasoning test will be tailored to the job requirement. This means that the test questions’ level of difficulty and complexity will match the job requirement. Therefore it is important that your preparation will match the right level of difficulty and complexity.

Additionally, it is important to consider that various factors, such as age and difficulties with working memory (i.e., the ability to hold and manipulate information in the mind) may impair your ability to apply effective reasoning to diagrams presented in your test.

Practicing psychometric tests online is recommended in order to gain familiarity with such tasks and lower stress levels, all of which will help to increase your working memory abilities and overall psychometric test performance in your real psychometric test.

Practice diagrammatic reasoning tests online –

IPC has a wide range of diagrammatic reasoning practice tests. diagrammatic reasoning test questions vary according to their level of difficulty and complexity. You must ensure that you are practicing diagrammatic reasoning test questions which are of the right level of difficulty and complexity for the job you are applying for. IPC offers tailored diagrammatic reasoning test questions for more than 90 positions and job levels.

Full reports including detailed answer explanations –

Upon completing each diagrammatic practice test you will immediately receive a full report including your total score, a list of correct and incorrect answers and detailed answer explanations to ensure you use the correct methodologies and approaches when completing your real diagrammatic test. This will save you valuable time and ensure you get the right outcome.

Diagrammatic reasoning test courses online –

IPC’s diagrammatic and abstract reasoning test courses offer you the ins and outs of the test. Effective test taking strategies, example questions and popular logical rules which you should be familiar with to ensure you pass your diagrammatic reasoning test with flying colours.

You can also try our free abstract reasoning sample test

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