What do personality tests measure

Your personality and behavioural style are measured through what is known as a self-report personality questionnaire. A self-report questionnaire is a ‘test’ that asks you through covert questions (reading the question doesn’t reveal what it measures) about aspects of your own personality which are relevant to the workplace. For example, your response to a question about how you behave in a party can indicate about your ability to work in teams. The information collected on you is collated into what becomes known as your ‘personality profile’ .

The personality test is different from the aptitude tests:

  • A personality test has no right or wrong answer.
  • A personality test is not timed.

Your responses to questions in the personality test allow potential employers to make predictions about how you will respond across a range of vastly different work-related activities. These predictions assist employers to measure how suitable you are for a role.

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