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Why, contrary to what you are being told, personality test questions have right answers

One of the most common mistakes that we tend to hear is that the personality test has no right or wrong answers therefore, there is little need to prepare for your personality test. Unfortunately, this leads many good applicants to end up with an unsuitable profile which blocks them from moving forward with their recruitment to the bank. It is true that contrary to a cognitive test question that might ask you how much is 4 plus 6, the style of personality test questions is such that there is no right or wrong answer, however, this does not mean that there is only one correct way to answer your personality test questions to get a suitable profile at the end of the test. Therefore, preparing for your personality test and understanding how to answer the personality test questions is critical to ensuring that you get a suitable profile at the end of your test.

Why our personality test preparation is unique

  • IPC’s personality test preparation solutions are backed by years of industry experience.
  • Our practice personality tests and personality test courses were developed by psychometric test experts who have worked closely with employers and have extensive experience in administering personality tests and assessing thousands of job applicants.
  • You can tailor your personality test preparation to meet your needs – you can take our short online personality course, practise an online personality test, receive feedback on your personality test from one of our psychometric test experts, or participate in a psychometric test workshop. Our personality preparation solutions are designed to be short and focused but still deliver all you need to help you succeed. Courses are designed to be very easy to follow. You can spend longer on difficult areas, and keep repeating a lesson until you fully understand the issue. You can take the course or test from your home or from anywhere with a broadband Internet connection.

Practice personality tests online

Our online practice personality tests measure work-related personality traits such as leadership, stakeholders’ management, ability to work in teams, ability to work under pressure, and much more.

The practice personality test is designed to help you learn about your personality traits and which of those you should emphasise in the real test to get the job you applied for. For example, if you applied for a marketing role, it is important that you know whether your personality profile demonstrates creative thinking, acceptance of new ideas, the capacity to manage stakeholders, etc. Such information regarding the role you applied for and much more is offered when taking the practice personality test.

  • Receive unlimited access to practise several online practice personality test based on tests used by employers.
  • Get a comprehensive report on how you stand and what employers are likely to understand from your score on 30 work-related personality traits.
  • Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are relevant to the job you applied for.
  • Get a simple and clear comparison of your personality profile against that required by employers in the job you applied for.
  • Get tips on how to better demonstrate your personality when taking the personality test.

See below for some examples of personality test questions and explanations of their answers. Click on the image to enlarge.

  • Practice personality test introduction
  • Example question 1
  • Example question 2
  • Example question 3
  • Practice personality test result

Personality test courses online

IPC’s personality test course is a short and practical online course that can be completed in as little as 2 to 3 hours. The course takes you step by step through all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to master your personality test.

The complete  personality test course                 

In this course you will:

  • get valuable inside information on how personality tests measure your work-related personality
  • get example questions with complete answer interpretations for each test type
  • learn about the different ‘lie detecting’ scales used in personality tests
  • identify your personality strengths and weaknesses
  • practise how to emphasise your strengths in the personality test.

See below for some slides from our complete personality test course. Click on the image to enlarge.

  • Personality Course introduction
  • Personality Course Example slide 1
  • Personality Course Example slide 2
  • Personality Course Example slide 3

Short courses for popular personality tests

We also offer short courses on each of the most popular personality tests. So if you know which personality test you will get, you can take one of these specific personality test courses. Important tip: you can contact your recruiter or employer to ask which personality test you are likely to get.
These online personality test courses offer inside information on how the test measures your personality, sample questions with thorough interpretations, and a simple multi-step work plan on how to emphasise your relevant strengths when taking the personality test. Our online personality test courses prepare you for the following tests: :

  • The basic personality test course
  • The 16 personality factor (16PF™ ) personality test
  • The 15 factor questionnaire (15FQ+) personality test 
  • The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ™ ) personality test 
  • The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI™ ) personality test

Personal tutoring for your upcoming personality test

Personal sessions delivered either face-to-face or using Skype live.

  • All tutoring is delivered by psychometric test experts.
  • Your psychometric test trainer will teach you everything you need to know about your personality test including example test questions.
  • Prior to your coaching sessions you will be given special practical material and information about your personality test.
  • You will also be asked to complete a practice personality test similar to the real one to allow your tutor to identify your areas of strength and weakness.

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