How to prepare for Inductive reasoning tests


An inductive reasoning test is a common form of aptitude test (in addition to numerical and verbal reasoning tests) which you are likely to receive as part of your psychometric test. These types of psychometric tests are designed to measure your problem solving abilities, or ability to apply logical reasoning. Inductive/logical reasoning tests are also referred to as tests of abstract reasoning. Inductive reasoning refers to the ability to work flexibly with new or unfamiliar information and to find solutions. It is thought that inductive/logical reasoning abilities indicate the ability of a job applicant to think conceptually and analytically and is considered to reflect general intelligence. Therefore, it is important to effectively prepare for inductive reasoning psychometric tests through practicing psychometric tests online.

Inductive reasoning tests often require test-takers to compare various attributes of elements, such as the shape or colour, or in terms of size and number. For example, you could be provided with a row of five boxes featuring various shapes and be asked to find a logical sequence of these boxes. A correct response requires you to detect a pattern, which may involve spotting similarities and dissimilarities, or both. Such tasks may be demanding at first, and it is important to practice psychometric tests online before your real test so that you can enhance your logical reasoning skills to solve such problems. Similarly you may be presented with series completion problems (e.g., picture series, number series) whereby you are required to detect the underlying relationship to generate, predict or select the next item or items in the series. The overall aim of such tests is to measure your ability to compare attributes or relationships. 

Inductive reasoning is sometimes referred to as hypothesis construction which means that the test-takers solution tends to be based on educated predictions. This also helps to explain why various types of biases may obstruct you from forming a logical conclusion and thus making errors on your psychometric test.

Practicing for inductive reasoning tests -

It is important to note that inductive reasoning is both a competence and skill and therefore it can be improved through practice (Jepson, et al., 1983). Through practicing inductive reasoning psychometric tests online you can improve your logical/inductive reasoning abilities and thus your ability to solve the inductive reasoning test items you will be presented with in your real psychometric test. Given the often unfamiliar nature of such tests, it is particularly important to gain exposure and practice before sitting your real psychometric test.

Practice inductive reasoning tests online –

IPC has a wide range of inductive reasoning practice tests. Inductive reasoning test questions vary according to their level of difficulty and complexity. You must ensure that you are practicing inductive reasoning test questions which are of the right level of difficulty and complexity for the job you are applying for. IPC offers tailored indicative reasoning test questions for more than 90 positions and job levels.

Full reports including detailed answer explanations –

Upon completing each inductive test you will immediately receive a full report including your total score, a list of correct and incorrect answers and detailed answer explanations to ensure you use the correct methodologies and approaches when completing your real test. This will save you valuable time and ensure you get the right outcome.

Inductive reasoning test courses online –

IPC’s inductive and abstract reasoning test courses offer you the ins and outs of the test. Effective test taking strategies, example questions and popular logical rules which you should be familiar with to ensure you pass your inductive reasoning test with flying colours.

You can also try our free abstract reasoning sample test

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