The levels of difficulty of the abstract tests

Psychometric testing companies typically use abstract reasoning tests of different difficulty levels and benchmarks. They are likely to give you an abstract reasoning test that matches the level of difficulty required in the role you applied for. This means that the organisational level and occupation of the job you applied for determines the level of difficulty of the abstract test you will be given.

When taking the abstract test, you are likely to find some of the abstract reasoning questions to be simple, some more difficult, and some very difficult. However, the overall test’ s level of difficulty will match that of the job you applied for.

What is a more difficult abstract reasoning test?

There are several abstract reasoning tests that are typically used for selecting candidates. Each test has a certain level of difficulty. This level of difficulty is similar across all the test questions. A level of difficulty is determined based on:

  1. the number of logical rules used to define a group of shapes
  2. the complexity of the rules
  3. the time constraints.

This means that an abstract reasoning test that is of a low level of difficulty will typically have one simple, logical rule for each group of shapes and will not have too-tight time constraints. For example, a sequential series of shapes in which each shape turns 90 degrees counterclockwise to make up the next shape is typically considered a low level of difficulty.

As the number of rules and their complexity increases and the time allowed is shortened, the test is considered to be more difficult. Typically, abstract tests that include groups of shapes that are based on two or three rules and allow between 30 and 45 seconds for each question are considered to be of medium level of difficulty. Abstract tests that include groups of shapes that are based on three or more complex rules and allow less than 30 seconds for a question are regarded to be of high level of difficulty. 

The abstract reasoning test is designed so that only a small number of test-takers can correctly answer all questions within the time limit.

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